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5 Little Known Factors that Effects Your Self-Esteem 

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Self-confidence is one of the most important qualities a man can have, yet it is hard to acquire. Self-esteem is the way we see ourselves and how we feel about ourselves. It is absolutely normal to feel unsatisfied with certain aspects of ourselves. We may not like our body, face, certain personality traits, etc. But constant self-deprecation and self-criticism will lead to low self-esteem issues. This will be detrimental to our well-being and harm us for years to come. 

Studies have proven that high self-confidence is directly related to your ability to feel happiness or satisfaction. It also positively influences your physical and mental health. Fostering a healthy sense of self brings in a lot of positive results. But it is so hard to cultivate self-esteem when you are just not feeling it. Most of us are not actually born with high self-confidence; we acquire it. It could be through our confidence in our skills or our strengths, but even then, we actually work hard to feel confident in our being. Lucky are those people who just happen to be confident and have high self-esteem. 

There are actually several exercises and games that help build self-confidence and boost your self-esteem. Next time you feel low or need a reminder of your true strengths, look up the term ‘escape rooms near me’ and visit one of them. Escape games help cultivate a lot of great life skills and, in turn, boost your confidence.

5 Little Known Factors that Effects Your Self-Esteem

Our self-esteem and the way we perceive ourselves are not isolated concepts. They are shaped vehemently by a lot of social, economic, and psychological factors. If we understand the things that impact us negatively, we can try to improve our mental well-being and boost our self-confidence. 

1. Family

From the day we are born, we become part of a family. The people in our family have the highest impact on our worldview and even the way we see ourselves. Whether it is in childhood or adulthood, we view ourselves through the box our family has made for us. The way our parents interact with each other, and the words they use in a positive sense or in negative sense all get ingrained in our belief system. 

It is the job of our family to instill good, healthy values in us and uplift our faith in ourselves. Proper care and attention will make us less of a recluse and make us feel appreciated more. At the end of the day, except for us, our family will be the only people who can make us feel confident.   

2. Friends

No man is an island. We need the support of finds and family to make our lives better. We need to interact with people and communicate well; otherwise, we will go insane. Having a friend means sharing your burden with them. Hanging out with friends means exploring different places, experiencing different things, having good fun, and discussing all your worries with them. Everyone deserves to have a friend. But not everyone gets to have that. Having no friends, especially in your formative years, will psychologically impact you a lot. 

Having no one to rely on (especially someone of the same age) will truly be burdensome. This loneliness will make you feel unwanted and further stress you out. This will make you lose your self-worth, and it will put a strain on your mental health. This low self-esteem will further harm all the relationships we make along the way and hinder our personal growth.  

3. Society

We live in a society, and it is impossible for us to cut off from the societal structure. We follow the rules set by society, and the moment we step out of line or seem different from the norm, we lose confidence. Whether it is our relationship with our family, friends, or even teachers, they all are dictated by society. It is society that makes or breaks our viewpoint.

As long as we look and act on the part we are given, we will be appreciated and have high self-worth. The opposite will happen if we stand out. So, society has a lot of power to affect our self-esteem.  

4. Work Environment affects self-esteem

As we slowly move away from childhood and the new adult college days, we are thrust into the workforce. Your job posting, skill, and ability to do work efficiently will always have an impact on your self-esteem. But the environment you work in will shape the way you view yourself in a workplace. Your relationship with your employers, other fellow employees, and even the physical workspace have an impact on you. 

If your full-time job involves the type of work you enjoy and are good at, you will enjoy working in that place. But long commute hours and a toxic work environment will only make your fee low. This, in turn, will make you feel incapable and insecure as an adult. This can cause serious mental health issues.   

5. Social Media

This is a digital age, and we are part of the new society that is obsessed with our social media personas. With everyone trying to post their best selves, it gets hard to maintain confidence. The beauty trend especially affects us the worst and further impacts our self-esteem issues. Diet culture, filters, and buzz-worthy products will always make us feel like we are losing out. 

But social media is fake. We all have our faults and things we are not satisfied with. We just showcase a pleasant outlook online. Understanding this is the key to individualism and boosting self-confidence.  

In a Nutshell

Too many things will negatively impact us if we let them. Try to improve your understanding of yourself by attempting healthy options like therapy, yoga, and self-awareness games, and set life goals for yourself. The more effort you put into yourself, the more confident you will become. Be gentle when needed and assertive when the situation demands that from you. Confront your fears and heal from past traumas. It is never too late to work on your self-esteem issues, and we hope this article provides you with the necessary insight on factors that impact your self-esteem as well. 

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