Welcome to Maria’s Adventures on the world wide web!

Welcome to Maria's Adventures

Hola! I’m Maria or Kristine or Maria Kristine. I’m a leftie, dreamer and a calligraphy & art lover.

This is where you witness Maria’s adventures and misadventures in life while pursuing my dreams one step at a time. Currently, I’m pursuing my aspiration of being a digital nomad. However, I’m just at the digital phase. Slowly, I will work my way to explore the world. I work as a freelance creative focused on content writing and social media management. Sometimes, I work as a creative genie for Taaask Studio and Maarteng Letra. But right now, life gave me a different direction and I choose to explore that path as well. Maria’s adventures will always contain different stories that may or may not be relatable to you at all.

I dedicate this space for my random musings about my creative journey, adulting, and my quixotic life. As a left-handed (lefty) creative, the world gets tougher as most tools of the trade are made by righties for righties. So, here I am, debunking those and empowering fellow lefties like me! Moreover, I’m supporting sustainability hence, I lean towards cruelty-free products. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged me in many ways and I wrote some posts that aim to help you survive this pandemic.

So, that’s enough introduction about me. Let me welcome you to my little space. I hope you enjoy browsing!

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