Welcome to Maria’s little space on the world wide web!

Hola! I’m Maria. I’m a leftie, dreamer and a calligraphy & art lover.

This is where you may witness my adventures and misadventures in life while pursuing my dreams one step at a time.

I made this space so I could share my journey with art, (leftie or left-handed) calligraphy and everything in between. This is where I will be talking about anything and everything under the sun that relates to me. Now, I’m interested in cruelty-free make-up and skin care. Lately, I’ve been trying to cook my own food than ordering it online or from other food providers.

However, that’s enough for now. More about me when you browse the entire blog!


Currently, I’m working as a freelance content writer or blogger. At times, I work as a freelance content editor. There’s a part of the blog dedicated to some of my works.

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DisclaimerThe banner is composed of illustrations by:Sam Manalo.