3 Reasons Why You Need to Play Games

Why do you need to play games?

The pandemic took us a lot by storm. It forced a lot of people to work from their homes, go to work knowing they will face a lot of risks. People from all walks of life take different risks and even absorb a lot of stress just to be able to provide for themselves and their families. Survival proved itself as a tough hurdle. However, most of us find various reasons to destress. We play games, different kinds of games to be exact. So why you need to play games?

Why do you need to play games?

Working from home blurs the boundaries that exist when we usually see and observe when we work in the office. When working from home takes a toll on your personal wellness, you need an activity to release all the pent up energy. One way to do that, play games.

Games give people a different sense of reality or experience that bring them to a whole new world. When you play games, you feel powerful especially when you survive a tough level. So far, I feel a lot of people feel that way too especially if they really worked hard on defeating the level.

Some ask me why I play games. First, my ultimate go-to game is Sims. Before, I just play with the crack version. I did not have the resources to by the legit versions back then. Sims gives me a relaxing feeling especially when I get to design my own place or even be able to download popular houses inspired from real life houses or even fictional houses.

But before things go away, do you even wonder why do you need to play games?

You release the stress that you feel.

You need to play games to release your stress.
You need to play to release some stress.

Most of us endure a lot of things. We think of various ways on how to find work, do the work, and survive the working conditions thrown at us. Other provinces conduct various protocols that keep their people safe. However, it still depends on how the people cooperate and follow the rules and the established protocol. Honestly, that can be stressful too.

With all the things thrown at us, we feel drained too. Moments pass that we feel everything’s hopeless. Honestly, I create boundaries between working from home and just being at home. However, with the different people that I work with, some fail to see the line and continues to cross it. In the end, this tenses people up and they feel suffocated from everything. Hence, they need a stress reliever.

I, too, experience such hence I play a variety of games. Most of the time I play on my mobile phone. Other times, I play on my laptop. Some of the games I play include Call of Duty (mobile), The Sims 4 (on my laptop), and Choices (a mobile game). So wherever you may be, you can play with your gadgets.

An escape from the harsh realities of life

Games give every player a chance to live differently through their elaborate story line. When they immerse themselves into the lore, they resonate with their character. At some point, they seem to think and act their character. In my opinion, I don’t see anything wrong with that unless it gets out of hand.

By that, I mean you immerse too much into the story. That slowly, you let it rule your life. For every minute decision you make, you depend on how the game play will be. It’s as if your life has been taken over by a game. When that happens, restrain yourself. But if ever this happens to me, I like to be part of the Sims world.

Bond and reconnect with friends

How do you spend game night with friends?

Playing online games surely bridged a lot of people especially during this time. We hardly see other people let alone our friends. So many apps allow us to talk to our friends that work well with games. One of those is Discord. This is an app that we use to easily communicate especially when we play games with each other.

Most of my friends use Discord whenever we play COD with each other. Moreover, it helps our streamer friend, LLEMMONNADDE stream his content. His COD streams happen every MWF while his Mobile Legends streams happen every THS (Tuesdays, tHursdays, Saturdays). We make it a point to play and bond every time he streams. Quite honestly, I enjoy those days. It gives me a break from work and also time to socialize with friends.

You can find LLEMMONNADE on Facebook. He’s open for collaborations, sponsorships, and partnerships. You can reach him through his email:


When you play games, you connect with your inner persona. Some connect to their childhood or to a time that they never felt the stress of adulting. Others just play to entertain themselves after a crappy day at work. Some play to reconnect with friends who they haven’t talked to in a while. Overall, we play a lot of games for a number of reasons. We hardly identify them but one thing’s for sure. We play games cause they sure are fun! Right?

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