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Mariaisquixotic has been in the internet since 2009 but this blog was born on the year 2013.

Work with MQ

It has been present in events, launches and blog cons. The blog aims to share information and create a closer bond between the reader and the writer. It has posts spanning from lifestyle, arts & crafts (e.g. calligraphy) and her personal life.

This blog started in 2013 as a school project and created a way for Maria to eventually pursue writing/blogging. It started as a hobby and/or as a school project but blossomed into a blog whose diversity is quite innate.

You may also hire me as a freelance content writer or editor or virtual assistant. If you need someone to write for you, I’m also an aspiring calligrapher.

The blog is continuously exploring and growing and hopes to be able to work with you.

It has been receiving:

  • over five thousand views a month
  • more than a thousand and nine hundred organic Facebook patrons
  • a thousand and hundred organic followers on Twitter
  • a little over a thousand and three hundred organic followers on Instagram
  • a little over two hundred organic followers on Pinterest with around 5000 views monthly

Here’s the media kit.

The blog is open for collaborations, advertisements, promotional articles, paid reviews, sponsorships, content placement, link building, and event invites.

Topics that may be covered:
Arts & Crafts
  • Calligraphy
    • Tips and tricks for lefties and righties
    • Materials – where to find them
    • Hoarding
    • Decluttering
  • Crafts
    • Tools you use
    • Materials where you
  • Decluttering
    • Your closet
    • Your life
  • Minimalism
  • Going eco-friendly or going green
  • Travel
    • Style Tips
    • Body positivity
  • Thrift shopping
  • Online Shopping Apps
Mental health
  • Personal journey – only if you want to share
  • Coping tips and mechanisms (especially this pandemic)
  • Being mindful
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