Get to know Maria Redillas

Who is Maria Redillas?

I’m Maria Redillas and currently pursuing my dreams, aspirations, and goals in Manila, Philippines; born in the 90s era. I graduated with a degree in Human Resource Management; because I’m such a social butterfly. 😂 I hail from Legazpi, Albay (where Mayon Volcano is found) and also am an aspiring calligrapher.

I do calligraphy for years now but my love for letters, either written or drawn, started way back when they were being taught how to write cursive. That was back in 2nd grade! She also plays the piano which is my first love. 💙

Fun fact:

She’s a leftie, so she knows the struggles. From hating the springs on notebooks, then the smudges and blotches when she tries to write or do art.

I do love watching series more than movies (now) varying from different genres: thriller, fantasy, drama and so much more!

And from time to time, I also have adventures and misadventures. Most of the time, I’m mischievous.

I may just be a random old soul in a young girl’s body trying to reach her dreams one step at a time.

Currently, I’m working as a content writer for a company here in Metro Manila. Right now, I help interns start with their content writing path. You’ll find some of their works here.

Then, at other times, I’m creating postcards, posters, or even stickers. So, I guess it’s safe to say that I’m a multi-faceted person.

To some, I may be young and carefree but for some, I’m old. Either way, I still think that I’m young and am entitled to still learn about the great deals in life. Sometimes, I feel lost but most of the time I find myself looking at the map of life and figuring out what has been going on ever since I was born into this world.

What’s up right now?

I dedicate this space for my random musings about my creative journey, adulting, and my quixotic life. As a left-handed (lefty) creative, the world gets tougher as most tools of the trade are made by righties for righties. So, here I am, debunking those and empowering fellow lefties like me!

Moreover, I’m supporting sustainability hence, I lean towards cruelty-free products. The COVID-19 pandemic challenged me in many ways and I wrote some posts that aim to help you survive this pandemic.

Career things

Why blog?

It started as a school project at first yet something struck her. I became enthusiastic about writing and sharing the adventures and misadventures of an old soul in a young girl’s body even if some may become bewildered with the things found here.

Since studying can really consume my sanity, I sometimes vent out my stress here and occasionally give tips and pieces of unsolicited advice to those readers of mine.

I started blogging as her online diary that has now become a big part of her life. This is where I connect to the world, share my stories and experiences that aim to help a lot of people.

Why Maria?

This is part of her given name that was not widely used when she was younger. Etymologically, it’s a diminutive of Mary (Hebrew). It may be used in both masculine (Germany, Poland, and Italy) and feminine.

At first, I found it common but learned to love her name.

Maria grew up being called Kristine and wanted something different for her blog name.

Why quixotic?

By definition, it means crazy and romantic. That best describes her, both crazy in my own little devilish way and still, a romantic. By romantic, stress on being a hopeless romantic.

Quixotic is synonymous with autistic (it could also mean hopeless romantic). It really stuck to me so from then on, I used it in my accounts. Hence, Mariaisquixotic.

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