Top 10 Gift Ideas that will Swoon Your Partner

Read on about the top 10 gift ideas that will swoon your partner

Valentine’s Day happens every February 14 and couples around the globe think of different ways how to spend it. Some couples take romantic trips going out of the city, province, or the country. Others spend it inside their homes just casually lounging while binge watching series or movies. While others go on dates and try new experiences like archery or sports. If in case you are out of ideas, try these top 10 gift ideas that will swoon your partner off their feet.

Spending Valentine’s Day does not require you to spend a lot of money. The day is about spending it with your loved ones. Cook food for them. Clean the entire house or even do laundry and that will surely make them feel loved. Most of the things that you see in the internet would involve you buying gifts that would either be expensive or super expensive. However, in this post, I’ll share different ways on how you create something special with just the things you can find at your home. Other gift ideas would involve a little sense of adventure and also relaxation. So, are you ready?

What are the top 10 gift ideas that will swoon your partner off their feet?

Through the years, Valentine’s Day present to be one of the most romantic days for couples. Most couples spend it together with their loved ones and their families. Please, if you’re single, you can always spend it by yourself as you practice self-love. Finding a partner for Valentine’s Day is never a requirement. All you need is yourself or surround yourself with the people you love and who love you too.

Now, let’s start with the gift ideas!

1. Handwritten notes or letters

If you love receiving or writing down notes and letters, this is something that you need to think about. For someone like me, I love receiving and leaving written notes wherever possible. Sometimes, I leave notes for Sam about just anything. When I go home to LA (Legazpi, Albay), I leave notes or reminders about how to take care of my plant babies and also about Dakila. Other times, I would write cheesy lines or messages that I think will help him through the day.

Now, for someone like me, those notes mean the world to me. As much as possible, I try to find a special place for them in my flat or wherever possible. Before, I put them in my wallet so whenever I need some positivity, I just pick it out and read. Then, I will feel better. If you feel blank and not know what to write, you can try these ideas:

  • Encourage them by telling them that they can do anything.
  • Tell them how much you feel about them. Promise, that’s like the ultimate way of powering them up!
  • Insert some cheesy lines. Most Filipinos do this through pick-up lines or what we call, “banat.”
  • Express your gratitude and appreciation. If they helped you with a tedious task, always say thank you.

2. Cook their favorite meal

So far, others find cooking very challenging. Not all cook and believe me, I usually eat more than cook. However, things changed when I started living away from home and I need to do everything on my own. Mom taught me basics and from there, I just learned my way into the culinary world. I’m far from that level, I guess I’d place myself at the novice leve.

Now, how is this something that will swoon your partner off their feet?

Simple, cooking their favorite means you express your truest and most sincere feeling. As the quote says, “Action speaks louder than words.” Cooking says it all. Studying, understanding, and executing every step of the way proves how much you love your partner.

In my case, I’ve cooked a number of dishes already but I am quite afraid to learn or even attempt to cook his favorite. I feel like that I haven’t earned it yet. However, if I get to cook it and he really loves it, you’ll be the first to know! 😉

3. Plants

Top 10 Gift Ideas that will swoon your partner: plants
ZZ Plant in the black pot, Golden Pothos in the white pot

In connection with my Sun sign, Taurus, I love plants in general. Young as I was, I grew up with lots of plants around me. My mom really loves taking care of them. Our house in LA screams of plants. So by the time I lived alone, I found myself wanting to be surrounded by plants. But, how come plants made to this list?

Think of it this way, when you buy bouquets or long stem flowers every special date or celebration, you spend more than you realize. During our 6th anniversary, I told Sam that instead of giving me a bouquet, a plant will do. I mean, if only he wanted to give me one. But, being the better one when it comes to surprises, he arrived at my flat with a mini rose bush. 🌹🎍

Frankly, it was quite a spectacle. I mean, waking up to a flowering plant! It felt glorious! Plus, it bloomed whenever there’s a special date aside from its regular cycle.

Not only that you save the Earth little by little by skipping the wrappers used in bouquets, but you also save money! 💙

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4. Books

Books always give a sense of adventure to anyone who touches and reads it. It gives you a ticket away from this crazy reality that we live in. Not only that it expands your vocabulary but also your imagination. When your partner is a bookworm, books would be the perfect gift for them!

Of course, know their favorite books and if they have a copy already. Some ideas would include:

  • When you learn about their favorite book from their favorite author, try having it autographed!
  • Bring them to book fairs! Speaking of, Big Bad Wolf is coming back just in time for Valentine’s! 🐺
  • If they don’t own a copy of the book they want, find it for them and surprise them.
  • Give them a bookmark with their favorite quote or make a bookmark for them.

Just a tip, try shopping at Booksale or second hand books. Not only it would be sustainable for your wallet but you also give these books a new home! 💙

5. Journal or planner

Journals make it to the top 10 gift ideas that will swoon your partner
A5 blank journal
Journals make it to the top 10 gift ideas that will swoon your partner
A6 dotted journal

For someone who loves to write down things even if alternatives exist, journals captivate their hearts. Most journal lovers look for a journal that’s easy to carry, does not bleed easily, and easy to use. Some journals or planners possess a lot of other features that may or may not confuse some users.

With my experience with Papernotes Journal, their journals were two of the best ones that I’ve ever used. The A5 blank journal serves as the blank canvas for all the scribbles, illustrations, and other creative ideas. On the other hand, the A6 journal serves as my daily journal where I put in my most random ideas, reminders, and even a small calendar for my tasks. Also, I did a review about these, you can check it in detail here.

Giving your partner a journal gives them the liberty to organize and even plot their schedules properly. Moreover, you help them achieve their goals especially if they want to organize their thoughts more. By the way, these journals are from a local brand so please support them with all your might!

6. Fountain pen

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Along with the journals, the fountain pen is the best companion to it. Just like the quote, writing down something helps you remember the things that you need to remember. With all the eco-friendly substitutes and solutions we see nowadays to save the world, owning a fountain greatly reduces the waste you produce when buying cartridges. Fountain pens come in different sizes and shapes-by this, I mean the ergonomic function that it gives.

What makes a fountain pen special, you can have the name of your significant other engraved. Seemingly, a forever pen if you put it that way. 😉

Some of the brands you can browse:

  • Pilot
  • Parker
  • Cross
  • Sheaffer

7. Go on a random museum trip

Learning never ends even if you finished school a long time ago. We continue on learning even if we started working already. Museum trips always give a different feeling. It brings you to a world that belonged to a different time and age. Looking at the artifacts, paintings, and other historical treasures of our dear country, it gives us the chance to reconnect with our heritage. But how does it swoon your partner?

  • You let the inner child out and that inner curiosity that hid a long time ago when you started puberty.
  • If your partner likes history so much, this turns to be one of the best dates you ever had. Not only they will fulfill their goal of going to the museum but they get to spend it with their significant other.
  • Lastly, you both get to create new memories and take photos to document the entire experience.

8. Camp outdoors

Just like the previous item, this gift appeals to the experiential side and not on the tangible side. Reconnecting with nature and forgetting the digital world benefits you not only physically but also mentally. With all the technology we use right now, going off the grid gives a different sense of adventure. You get to talk with your partner and just bond and stay in the moment.

Search for events or camping events near your area that allows joiners. Check the list and include your names in. I hope that you enjoy the view and live in the moment! Forget about your social media accounts.

Disconnect to connect!

9. Mug

Mug joins the top 10 gift ideas that will swoon your partner
Creative Fuel mug from Pluma PH

If your partner loves coffee, tea or any beverage that utilizes a mug or cup, this joins gift ideas that will swoon your partner off their feet. With its unique design, they surely will feel inspired whenever they see the mug. Plus, they will remember you every time they use it. They will remember how much you love them.

Last but definitely not the least…

10. A rejuvenating massage or spa date

Just last week, I experienced one of the best and most relaxing massage to date! It was with Urban Tropic Spa and the one thing I love the most about them, they do it from the comfort of your home! You don’t need to go out and spend money for fare or drive to and fro. Once. you book them, they will arrive at the scheduled massage and give you a relaxing experience you’ll never forget.

I got a Swedish massage that lasted for an hour which really relaxed my nerves. From the masseuse, I learned that I had a lot of cold spots in my back that hardened. One of the reasons for that, long hours of sitting down and working from my desk. Moreover, my sleeping position contributes to that too. Now, before they start the massage, they masseuse will inform you about what happens. They will ask you if you want music or just stick to your own. Next, they will ask you to remove your clothes as they prepare you for a relaxing treat.

Currently, they have an on-going 20% introductory discount on all of their services! They start their operations by 2 PM (Philippine time) and stop by 2 AM. Below is the whole list of services they have.

One more thing, they have a baby and kiddie massage too! So parents who want to unwind, you can do it with your baby!

Last few words

Now, everyday with your partner is valuable. Don’t just make an effort on one day. Continue those efforts constantly because consistency is key. Communicate always. Don’t forget that!

With all the gift ideas listed, which one’s your favorite? 💙

Let me know by commenting down! ✨

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