11 Proper Ways On How To Wear A Short Dress

11 Proper Ways On How To Wear A Short Dress

Short dresses can be a little tricky to wear but that should not discourage you from strutting in one. Most often, such hesitation would involve questions about the appropriate length, what to wear under the dress, and what to keep in mind when wearing a short dress. However, when addressed appropriately, a short dress is indeed a stylish option for those looking for social media-worthy photos.

How to wear a short dress?

If you are planning to wear a short dress, here are some important do’s that you need to pay attention to:

1. Always wear appropriate undergarments.

Panty lines can ruin any ensemble, no matter how beautiful you are or how attractive the dress is. The only way to address this is by wearing seamless underpants. A body shaper can also be worn to accentuate your curves and create a flattering silhouette for your body. 
Wearing a cycling or bike shorts underneath short dresses is a must to avoid any unwanted exposures of your underwear in case of wardrobe malfunctions. These types of garments are also pretty comfy, so you will enjoy added protection from slips without any discomfort. Choose shorts in neutral colours (nude or black) or in colours that match your dress. On top of these, make sure that the lengths of your shorts are fully covered by your dress.

2. Choose the right length before you wear a short dress

The term short can mean a variety of lengths for different people. So, how does one know that a short dress is just the right length or too short? Fashion experts recommend this hack to know the ideal length of a short dress, which is the length below the tips of your fingers when your arms are relaxed on either side. Lengths shorter than that may already be uncomfortable and inappropriate for certain occasions. Choosing the right length to keep you comfortable while wearing a short dress.

3. Make sure to prep your legs

Considering that you will be revealing and drawing attention to your legs, make sure it is faultless! Make sure to moisturize your legs because dry skin can be huge turn-offs. Use good quality and long-lasting moisturizer that will make your legs dazzle for the duration of the event.

There are also some important don’ts if you are planning to wear a short dress, including the following:

1. Don’t wear mini dresses that are super tight.

A proper fit is important for all dresses and is extra necessary for short dresses. Choose minis that are well-fitting, tight enough at the right places, but not super-fit or so tight that it becomes unflattering. Not only will your movements be restricted by a dress that is too tight, but super fit dresses also have tendencies of moving up your thighs when you move, particularly when you sit.

When deciding, choose whether you want a short dress or a tight dress, but definitely not both on the same dress. You may want, for example, to search on Google “Peaches Boutique green prom dresses buy online” and you would be led to an online shop with various options to choose from. Should you choose a mini dress in a different colour, you can also find one that you desire.

2. Don’t wear too many accessories when you wear a short dress

With short dresses, your legs are your biggest accessory. Don’t take the attention away from them by over-accessorizing. If you have to wear other types of accessories, keep them simple and minimal. Let those dream girl props take the limelight and be the center of attention.

3. Don’t show off all your body parts.

With short dresses, it is easy to slip from classy to tacky. One way to ensure that you are making a chic dress choice is to balance the exposures. For example, with minis, you are already showing off the legs so it is best to cover up the rest of your body.

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It is easy to wear a short dress and look confident as well as classy at the same time. All you have to do is follow the abovementioned tips.

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