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Bohemian Fashion: The Return of Flared Jeans

November 13, 2018

The Return of the Flared Jeans

Last year was all about the high-rise, vintage-inspired, cropped at the ankles and curve-hugging denims. Yes, the one that your mom probably used to wear in the 90s. It’s precisely why it got the nickname Mom Jeans. This year, Vogue bid adieux to this trend and welcomed a new cut. The relaxed and the full-length Flared Jeans.

One peek at a pair is enough to make you think of the era that most fashion-lovers dream of: THE 70s!

The Return of Flared Jeans>

The Flared Jeans AKA Bell Bottoms capture the picture perfect Boho vibe that the 1970s is known for. But did you know that it goes way back to the 19th century? Startup Fashion documented the long history of the flared jeans and found that it was a popular style among the U.S. Navy due to its functionality. The wider leg room meant that it was easier to pull over boots. It also allowed the wearer to easily roll it up to avoid getting them drenched in seawater.

Soon, what was once a military uniform became the signal of anti-war sentiments. It was the choice for the “dangerous radicals”. It became so popular in the 70s that designers took notice. Ironically, the cut that was the symbol of rebellion and “anti-fashion” became the biggest trend this era would be known for.

Who’s getting a little more leg room?

The allure of the flared jeans is really hard to resist! Just when we all thought it’s going to be straight and skinny from last year onwards, a handful of our favorite sartorialists have been spotted giving this vintage gem another look and a whole lot of polishing. That includes wearing them cropped and dressing them up with a different fabric!

See which celebrities are getting a little more leg room below:

A pretty Posh way to style it courtesy of Victoria Beckham



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Kicking it in cropped pinstripes like Kaia Gerber



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Turning us green with envy over Kim Cam Jones’ athleisure take



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Giving a big nod to Bohemian Chic like Kathryn Bernardo

Serving us a little bit of Rock ‘n Roll like Nadine Lustre

BNY Jeans endorser and fashion icon Heaven Paralejo is also joining the party of local and international celebrities who have fallen head over heels for this trend. See the picture below to get inspired by her awesome fashion sense.

How do we take a big Boho leap into 2018 with this trendy cut?

With a lot of different flared styles, there’s certainly a whole lot of options to make it your own. Taking a cue from Who What Wear, let’s take a look at two amazing ways to give this trend a modern spin and make it your own:

Full Length with Heels to give you the full lengthening effect

Cropped with your favorite Flats for the casual, MOD (Model Off-Duty) look

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Bohemian Fashion: The Return of Flared Jeans

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