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Top 10 Ways You Need to Know to Build Credibility as an Author

How will You Build Credibility as an Author?

Before gaining anything, the author devises various ways in building their integrity to their audience and readers. Some take their time as people need to believe and trust the author that they will entertain their thoughts very well. For some readers, they need to know something about the author from a trusted friend. Reading this helps build credibility as an author.

How do you build credibility as an author?

Nowadays, there are people who are brave enough to use other writers’ work and have it as their own. Some would create phony details just to spread that they are the legitimate ones. The people who believe in you are very vital so others would trust your works as well. With people who trust your work, more will come your way.

As a person building their way for good credibility, how can one start making their own?

#1 Share something about yourself – a backstory or how your journey started

When it comes to gaining a new friend, most of the time people would share something about themselves. Preferably, share random stories hoping that there will be similarities between you two. But, if this can’t be done personally, you can always dedicate a page on your website sharing something about yourself.
But what do you share?

In your very own About Me page, you can share a short story of how you became a writer or author. What were the challenges you faced before, during and after becoming an author? Also, anecdotes about your life could be included as most would love it if they would connect to the author on a personal level. Seemingly, allowing readers to relate to the author’s life.

Along with your anecdote, include photos or snippets from your life that is relevant to your story. It could be a photo of yourself, your family or even with your friends that could have influenced your journey as an author.

As an author, you may be wondering why this is essential. The reason behind is that people will know that you are a real person and not just someone!

#2 A photo of yourself

Alongside with the well-written story of yourself, there must be a photo that shows who you are.

But why does it need your photo?

The photo creates a visual guide and a tool for readers who are looking for new books or publications to read. Seeing a photo of the author of the book or publication you are looking at gives a feeling of confidence and trust. For one reason, it allows the readers to look at who wrote the book in general.

Some authors could consider having a photo taken by a photographer. Others could consider wearing a corporate attire or something formal that would present you as a trustworthy author.

#3 You are flawsome – a person who knows their flaws and accepts it as awesome

The term flawsome was coined by body positive people who have been preaching against body shaming. The same logic can be applied when it comes to writing. There will be times that an author encounters a mistake and that could lead onto something else.

Some wonder if you have encountered some mistakes in your journey to becoming a successful author. Others question your mistakes along the way or even questionable issues that could stir up your moral and just let you react negatively. Hence, could lead to some negative reactions from your readers or followers. There are people who could be gullible to the adverse reaction hence, would let you lose some. Being transparent with your audience and readers could let them know that you are just normal just like anyone else.

#4 Be brave and don’t be afraid to be bold

For some, it could be quite easy to be just go out there and show their true colors without hesitation. Others find it quite terrifying to let others see for who they are and what they are underneath. Authors can be afraid to do this because some might lose their readers or followers. But what’s good about this is that they will know who are the true readers and followers are. Now, that’s a strong move there.

Authors can say that it is good to let your readers motivate your content. After which, they will be the ones reading their works after all. But, refrain from letting your readers take over your work. Remember that a piece of you will be incorporated into your works. So writing from your own gut will be always helpful. As previously mentioned, when you direct your writing there’s a chance that others will stop reading or following you. When that happens, you might as well weed them out and get acquainted with your true readers and followers.

What we are saying is that, refrain from hiding your true self. Just step out, express yourself and continue writing.

#5 Packaging Design

When it comes to books, it has a cover, blurb and even the product page of the book. Every tidbit contributes a lot to the whole outlook of the book. Some readers are very meticulous and detailed about every aspect.

In one look, some could get quite interested because of how well the blurb can entice the readers. Not only that, the way the book cover is designed can actually play a big part on showing your readers and followers.

Some may contemplate on questions like these:

  • How appealing is the book cover for you?
  • Does it fit with the blurb of the book?
  • Is professionalism shown in the whole book?

Putting yourself into the shoes of the readers or followers, try answering some of these:

  • Were there noticeable typos or errors that could affect the whole book?
  • If I were to buy this book, will I buy it?
  • How much do I like the author?

#6 Public Relations

As an author, how do you handle criticisms and comments towards your works?

One of the most challenging things about public relations is cyber-bullying. This would be a serious matter to authors whether independent or traditional. Some may give negative comments about your book or publications that could be directed to the author.

Some of the questions to ponder on would be:

  • Does an author lose credibility when he or she comments on a review?
  • Does this make the author seem needy, immature, or unprofessional?
  • What if you check out an author’s blog, and the author is lashing out at a reviewer there?

For authors who may have been dealing with cyberbullying or negative criticism should respond to the comments with tact, honesty and intelligence.

#7 Marketing Strategies

One of the most incredible feelings in the world is when you favorite author interacts with you (either online or personal) or remembers you interacting with them. Isn’t that every reader’s dream?

But not to burst everyone’s bubble, there will be those times that the event is not how you picture it in your minds. Some could just cut in line, therefore disobeying the rules that were laid out beforehand. Others could be just hogging time with your author hence, causing delays to others.

So, what do you look forward to when you’re going to see an author?

  • Would you like to see signs of professionalism?
  • If the writing samples were somewhat offensive in some ways, would you still be interested to read the whole book?
  • Does the author’s whole personality affect your decision in acquiring a copy of the book or publication?
  • Was humanity visible in the author?

#8 Acquire credible authors’ commendation

Finding credible and trusted authors to comment and share their piece about your book or publication can actually increase and boost your reputation as an author and writer. Not only that they would be sharing something about your book, but you get to be exposed as well to their readers and loyal followers. The exposure can be highly good for your work, but there’s an inevitable effect for your works as well.

When the well-loved and trusted author criticized your work in a way that you may or may not like it, it gives an impact to other readers that you would want to reach. This gives you ample time to rethink about how will you work on the next one.

And the commendations you receive, could be related to the next item on this list.

#9 Word of Mouth

The buzz in the world could be hypothesized to originate from the conversations people have. From those little chats at work to the mini-talks shared during events. Most people believe that word of mouth is one of the most credible ways of gathering information. Though, there are times that what you hear and absorb from these could also be something negative resembling to gossip.

Within the family, children are always influenced by the strong recommendations of their parents or anyone older than them. There goes a saying that whatever the elderly tells the child, in the eyes of the child, it will always be correct. Connecting it to the topic at hand, when your close friend recommends a book that he or she says is good, you will immediately believe it. That is quite helpful to the influence of your book.

One good thing about it is that it can make up a big part on your organic marketing. This reaches more people and potentially giving you more credibility.

#10 Write about what you know

For authors who are dipping into non-fiction or faction (cross between fact and fiction), it would be best if you conduct a good research that would give you all the facts you need to finish your work. Most of the time, readers like it when authors share their legitimate experiences and adapt it in their works. This way, they could connect and feel how the author was when the event was happening in their lives.

Plus, in turn, you can gather more readers who can truly relate to your works.

Feel free to share this if you find this relatable!

Reading through the list helps you build credibiltiy as an author.

Top 10 Ways You Need to Know to Build Credibility as an Author 

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