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Why Do We Need Creativity in Our Lives More Than Ever

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We live in a world where we have an abundance of choices. There is too much of everything. It means we don’t use our brains the same way we would if we were bored and needed stimulation. That notion of creativity is something we need now more than ever. Why do we need creativity in our lives more than ever?

Why do we need creativity in our lives right now?

People get lost thinking about the miseries and the adulting things almost always. Then, we forget that we used to create something that makes our hearts truly happy. Now, we take a look at why we need creativity once more.

It Unlocks Something Deep Within Us

Many children grow out of being creative. Especially in our settings, because there is one lousy teacher who criticises their efforts. The fact is that creativity is at the core of what it means to be human. When we start to think about creativity in the form of art and not pressure ourselves to do something perfect or presentable, we start to enjoy the process. It unlocks something very deep within ourselves that we may have suppressed for years (or decades).

The best way to begin is just to get various supplies that appeal to you. Then, just start drawing, painting, or making noise!

There’s a variety of art suppliers like The Sydney Canvas Company, and when you start to unlock creative components within yourself, you’d be amazed how much time goes by and how much fun you have had.

It’s the Ideal Distraction Right Now

A lot of people like to distract themselves from the world. Right now, it’s hardly surprising that people are looking for ways to keep themselves occupied.

From wars to the cost of living and everything in between, not least because we’ve lived through a pandemic, we’ve all realised the importance of having a suitable form of distraction. Creativity makes time stand still.

Focusing on a canvas or an instrument takes us out of the world we are in, but it also takes it out of ourselves, meaning that we can have a mental respite from our anxieties for a brief moment.

You’ve got to think creatively to make the world a better place. Many people don’t necessarily believe that creativity is an essential component. But for those individuals who have spent their entire lives thinking in a compartmentalised sense, creativity is almost like being able to see in Technicolour when you could only see in black and white.

Creativity is the one thing that forces you to get out of your comfort zone, which means you have to think differently, but you also start relating to things in a more human sense.

Creativity is the most fantastic human solution if you’re looking to bring some meaning to your life.

When we get stuck in our heads, we have unhealthy thinking patterns, and creativity is the missing link between the head and the heart.


We need creativity more than ever, not just for these reasons but because it will bring people a sense of satisfaction in a world where, for so many of us, it feels like an existence rather than life.

If you’re feeling a sense of weakness, it might be time to start being more creative, write that book, paint, or do anything that comes to mind!

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