3 Powerful Truths About the Joy of Missing Out

Each one of us feels different about a lot of things, especially when it comes to the joy of missing out (JOMO). Others feel reluctant to saying that they lean on experiencing fear of missing out (FOMO). But, what does it really mean when you hear or think about JOMO?

Defining the joy of missing out

Currently, I belong to the generation who should be assigned a managerial position already at work. At 26, I’m still figuring out things while working at my HQ. I chose to continue staying away from home to pursue my aspiration of becoming a digital nomad. When you work from home, you face different challenges. One of those, living without knowing the future or defining a certain future. As you see, when you work in the corporate world, stability is always there. Whereas when you freelance, the uncertainty is most definitely present. Sometimes, it gives you certain fears but if you’re adventurous, you’ll take on the challenge.

Certainly, I’ve been working remotely for years now and I certainly missed a lot since I went to grad school too (but now, I’m on a break!). I never regretted anything that I missed most especially that it helped me a lot. Most people seem not to care about mental health but when you hang out with different people, you understand their stand about it. Personally, I tend to shy away from people who react poorly about the current issues that affect us. Moreover, now that I discovered that I’m an emotional empath through this quiz, I definitely know why I experience and feel different things when I’m around people.

Truly, I say that the joy of missing out really affects me in a more positive way. Let me share how.

3 truths that I discovered about the joy of missing out

Moving forward, I will start sharing the top three (3) truths that I personally discovered the joy of missing out. Surely, you will think differently about this and I cannot blame you why. Some feel empowered when they miss out on things. Yet some feel left out when they miss out on things.

#1 Missing out on things doesn’t mean that you’re a loser

Hey, that’s true! While some guilt you on to come with them on trips or even eat-outs, but you owe it to yourself to refuse for your own good. Remember, you do not become a loser just because you refuse an invite! Trust me, I’ve been uninvited because I choose not to go with the people who invited me.

Now, declining an invite gives you a lot of benefits. First, you create boundaries for yourself. Some people step over certain boundaries and limits just to prove a point or get whatever the hell they want. That harms you if you always let them get their way. Your health suffers because of this; be it your physical health or mental health. Nowadays, anything can drain you. If you live in Metro Manila, traffic always gets to your nerves. You spend a number of hours standing or sitting inside trains or buses or jeeps just to get to your destination. However, if you book a ride through ride-hailing apps such as Angkas or Grab, you’ll be spending more than you expected.

So, don’t ever believe anyone who will tell you that you’re a loser just because you don’t go with them. It becomes their loss if they can’t accept the fact that you choose yourself over them. Don’t ever feel guilty about it. Trust me, it’s for your own good!

#2 You realize who really matters

With all the people that you hang out with, you observe the ones who really stay even if you do not always say “yes” to their invites. Sometimes, the people around us get mad at us for choosing our own welfare by not joining them at their rendezvous. This way, you’ll know and see the friends who truly understand the importance of “me time.” Since I know a lot of introverts, it helped me understand the concept of self-love and giving back to yourself.

A few years back, I usually go out and make a lot of friends. I let them in my life thinking that they’re true and real. But as the years go by, I learned a lot and even discovered hard truths about the people that I let in my life. There and there I told myself that it’s enough. It took me a number of years before I realized their true intentions and colors. It was tough but I got through it. After that demise, I did not trust myself especially in making friends and gauging their true intentions. I always see the best in people even if they don’t see it themselves.

Well now, when you miss out on things or hangouts, you’ll notice the people who will set a date with you personally. Honestly, that happens to me often especially since I work from the condo (which I call HQ or headquarters). I really find it sweet when my friends think of camping or visiting me and/or Dakila and just chat here. You know, the liberty and freedom of chatting in your own space make you feel very comfortable. With that in mind, you just talk about literally anything and everything under the sun! Isn’t that great?

#3 Great for your mental health

One of the best things about the joy of missing out, you free yourself from dealing with toxic people. Dealing with toxic people just drains your whole being. You stop enjoying the things around and just see the negative things. Even if you want to think about the good, the bad always finds a way to show itself and tire you.

So, instead of feeling bad about missing out on certain events and reunions. Don’t! You will always feel better when you don’t hang around with people who always have the ability to make you feel bad about yourself. Their words pierce through the skin and linger for a period of time. In the end, it hurts you in every aspect. Moreover, it affects you how you perceive things most especially about yourself.

Last few words

These experiences that I shared may or may not apply to you and that is okay. Everyone has their own way of understanding and interpreting the joy of missing out. Remember to be you all the time! 💙

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3 Powerful Truths About the Joy of Missing Out

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