Freelance vs Corporate: 5 Things You Need to Know About

People’s career choices boil down to the path which they think works perfectly for them or in some cases, convenient and practical. Today, we explore the ups and downs of working both as a freelancer and someone with an 8-hour shift. Read more about freelance vs corporate here.

Freelance vs Corporate: advantages of working freelance

If you’re still undecided on the path that you would like to take, or with opportunities that keep on coming. This will give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of working in these two setups.


Freelancers are the type of people that are very independent when it comes to their ideas. This is one reason why this kind of setting is good for people who are the jack of all trades.

They work hands-on with their craft as they are their sole team. Every credit or every failure is going to be directed to only one person which is themselves.

The working environment that allows them to make the best out of your work. They are not boxed to only one role, they can try anything they like as long as they are able to produce an output at the end of the day.

Control of your life

Working as a freelancer also allows you to be more in control of your life. This will actually give you more opportunity to spend time with your family and friends and not miss out on all the important events in each other’s lives.

You will be able to go to every vacation, every night out, and especially every holiday without having to get approval from any superior.

Freelance vs Corporate: advantages of working in a corporate setting

Focused on one aspect

In the corporate setting, you are hired for a specific type of job. That means you are only to do the tasks that are within the scope of your designation. In contrast with the freelance environment, corporate people get their work evaluated many times by different people so you will need to work with a team every time. Communication is also essential in this working environment since you always face different ideas that are sometimes clashing with your own.

Freelance vs Corporate: The disadvantages

This is one of the biggest differences between people working freelance and someone working in the corporate scene. Corporate people are expected to come to work every day with the allowance of 2 days off or in some cases 1 day off. There are also strict rules that are being applied to absences and tardiness.

Companies also apply special incentives so that workers will be encouraged to come to work on holidays. This is also a major factor why some people choose to be a freelancer so that they won’t be tied to a desk all day.

Variety of tasks

As a freelancer, you will also have the upper hand in every project that you will choose. You have the privilege to choose how much load of work you can take and whoever people you would like to work with. And since you work independently, your only worry comes from the feedback of your client. This helps you improve your network, communication skills, and your flexibility as a freelancer.

In comparison to the corporate industry, this category is pretty much the same in most parts. Even though you are hired for a specific type of job, workers are sometimes given a few more loads of work. This is where the overtime work comes in.

Corporate workers tend to feel like they have been working for a very long time when exceeding work schedules. You get paid for the hours you exceeded aside from your actual paid hours.

Income stability

Payment or salary is also a big difference in these two settings. Freelancers are paid differently and this varies on the projects or clients that they work with. Some pay the usual bi-weekly. Others pay to depend on the milestone achieved. The majority of the freelancers receive their payment through portals such as Paypal, Transferwise, or even through Upwork.

However, in a corporate setting, you get paid on the number of hours or days you render. If you fail to meet the hours required, then your pay gets a deduction. In some instances when employees enjoy their lunch breaks quite a lot and forget about their 1-hr break, they get deducted too. Even if that socially recharges you, it also stresses you.


There is a big difference in working freelance and as a corporate associate. First, one offers independence when it comes to doing your tasks. The other one offers you repetitive tasks that may end up boring you entirely. However, both fields allow you to grow depending on how you adapt. Just remember that when you choose your path, choose the one that you feel strongly about. Don’t choose something that will just cut your wings off and just leave you there.

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