How to Beat the Creative Demotivation?

Beating your creative demotivation is tough. Here's how you can do it.

With a lot of things going on, people miss some things that they love to do. In my case, with all the things going on, my creative side suffered a lot. Quite honestly, the only creative thing I do these days, the work that I do. I seem to forget how creative my life was back in the day. Work and adulting things tire me most of my days hence, leading to my creative demotivation. But right now, I’m powering through it and sharing how to beat it.

Defining creative demotivation

In truth, there’s no clear definition of creative demotivation when I searched it. It’s more of how I felt through the months or even years ever since I started working full-time. Priorities changed and I continuously do whatever I can in order to achieve the goals. What I do right now, I work full-time and help with the expenses that the world continuously gives us. Anyway, aside from the full-time work, I still strive to do side hustles by freelancing. Some people got it wrong when they think of freelancing. It’s not as easy as pie. You need to invest in yourself and never doubt your skills.

For me, I define this as losing interest in the creative things that you do. Whenever I look at my journal, I want to write and practice my craft but when I pick up my pen, it all feels different. Doing work in the creative field drains your energy and when you try doing the thing that you love becomes harder and harder than it was ever before. Even with blogging, I tried so hard to purge out my little brain with things that I want to write about but when I face my laptop, it goes poof.

Creative demotivation destroys our will to craft something and lets our bodies be consumed by the tiresome work that we do during weekdays. In short, we get burnt out not just physically but in every aspect of our bodies. So now, how do we power through it?

How to beat creative demotivation?

Just like beating a creative block, there are different ways of beating this. At first, it seems hard to power through it but with the right amount of inspiration and motivation, you’ll find yourself doing something worth your time. Hence, it begins to spark something new within you. But where do you even start beating it?

Acknowledge that you experience it

Just like with moving on, accepting acknowledging the fact that you experience it makes it a lot easier. The first thing to do in order to beat this is to tell yourself that you currently experience it. Reading it makes it an impossible thing to do because it will sting and hurt. For all the time that you spend working in the creative field or just doing what you’re doing, admitting to something happening feels wrong in so many ways. You think that just because you work in that field makes you immune to experiencing such negativity.

A little while back, I admitted to myself that I think a lot of blog post ideas but do not have the energy to write it. Even if I open WordPress on my laptop, I stare at it and update the plugins but never start a draft. Blogging taught me a lot of things and it literally jump-started my content writing skill. Writing came to me in a dream as I believed that I perform better with music. However, things changed when my Tumblr was born; let alone this blog.

If you see yourself denying that you experience such a block, try writing it down. When you write down stuff, it seemingly gets imprinted in our minds and we just remember it even in the weirdest hour. That works too with studying. When you write down your own notes instead of typing them, it gets imprinted in your brain.

Stay away from the negative things that affect your creativity

Just like friendship, we eradicate all the negative things or friends that lurk around us for our own mental health. The same goes with your creative journey. Don’t keep all the negative things or triggers that blocks you. Your creativity comes from your own strength or aura. Do not let anyone hinder you from doing your own thing. But the question is, how do you do it?

How to stay away from negative things?

  • Deleting some apps on your phone. These apps could be social media apps or even games that distract you from creating. Try undergoing a social media detox that challenges you to delete these apps from your phone so you focus on the basic functions of your phone.
  • Unfollow people that seem irrelevant from what you do. Purge all the ones that appear on your feed and curate them according to the ones that inspire you to become better at your craft. What I did before, I separated the online shops from my account and created another account where I follow the online shops there and there alone.
  • Create a mood board. Put all the things that inspire you or motivate you to create in an area where you see them all the time. At some point, Pinterest serves as a good tool for creating a mood board since it’s quite easy to find inspirational posts from that platform. It allows you to create different boards according to what you like. From a fashion board that helps you style your clothes to a DIY board that allows you to find ideas for your home.
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people. By far, I find this as one of the most challenging things to do. It’s tough to find people who understand you just as you are. People work at different wavelengths and make sure that you keep all the people that understand you at once. Do not let go of these people go because from my experience, they form the best kind of support system that you’ll ever need.

By doing these things, you will definitely find yourself towards the road onto finding that spark back to your creativity. I hope you find that eternal flame and it will never go out no matter what you do! 💙

Start doing it slowly but surely

When I asked one of the artists that I admire, Googly Gooeys, they told me that in order to beat that block, just continue what you’re doing. I mean, reading that will take you back for a bit but you need to do it. If you succumb to the thought of pausing the things that you enjoy doing, that may pause may ultimately feel like a “stop” already and not just a short break. Honestly, that put me into thinking and agreeing to it a lot. At some point, you need to muster all the courage and creative juice that you need in order to recharge yourself and just refill the creative juice jar.

When you create again, it just flows right back from your mind down to your hands and through your instrument. Don’t hinder yourself anymore from being the best version of yourself. Remember that you hold your progress and how you continue with your life. Never let anyone take that from you. Okay? 😉

I hope these help you go back into your groove as you continue your journey. May the force be with you!

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