How To Be Fashionable When You Work At Home

How To Be Fashionable When You Work At Home?

Be fashionable when you work from home to beat the laziness

Working from home gives a lot of benefits especially to someone who got tired of the stressful commute. Commuting in the Philippines always challenges a lot of people due to poorly maintained public transportation vehicles. A number of people go to work using their cars however, the majority fails to follow certain traffic rules and regulations. Other drivers just go their way and become selfish bastards on the road. Working from home means escaping the cruel world of commuting. However, laziness is your next battle. One way to beat that is to be fashionable when you work from home.

The question, how do you remain fashionable when you work from home?

Frankly, I started working remotely around 5-6 years ago when I started my post-grad studies (which I totally stopped last year). It gave me the liberty of working with different people, learning from them, and of course, earning money while just working at home.

I enjoyed working with foreign people much more than working with my own race. In case you wonder, I do get along with their culture of being honest and just freely expressing your thoughts and feedback. When you live in our country, people tend to delay concerns or any matter because they’re afraid of hurting the person. Quite frankly, I abhor that. I do appreciate people telling my shit than just stopping themselves from doing so thinking that I’d get hurt. That way, any negative action is prevented more than ever.

But, we’ve been going away from the topic of staying fashionable when you work from home. I personally see it as a way to motivate myself to work. Wearing my outside clothes helps me focus on my work as I stay at home and accomplish work. Making a permanent station in my flat helps me get up from my bed because it creates pressure on me. Pressure that helps me accomplish my work in time.

Now, let me share you some of my work from home staples that I got from Femme Luxe Finery.

Outfit #1: The Oversized Dress

Get your own oversized dress at Femme Luxe Finery!
The comfortable oversized dress

My 2009-2012 self would scream and want all the nice dresses and clothes that Femme Luxe Finery has on their website. Back then, I follow the trends when it comes to fashion and I make sure I get a piece or two from the trends. I continuously check online shops if they sell it a price that a college student can afford. Now, I strive to be mindful about the things I purchase and make sure that it is more eco-friendly as I gear towards continuing on living a sustainable lifestyle.

Now, more about the oversized dress. When I first saw this on their website, I fell in love with it with an instant. For me, it’s always a challenge to find a piece of clothing that fit my figure. As you see, I have a pear shape body so my upper torso is slimmer than my lower part. My hips are wide that most of the time I go for large and for my top, my shoulder part usually goes medium but I have to choose large because of the lower torso. The oversized dress gives me comfort as well as fashion since it’s a trend that will never go away.

How do I style with my oversized dress?

  • Wear it with sandals as shown in my photo.
  • Use sneakers with it, I suggest another color other than black so it will become your accent. Though black is always an option, right?
  • If you’re going for a more chill vibe, use your flip-flops. Do this in case you will go to the beach.
  • Also, wear this with heels! In case you need a classic look. This serves as your LBD.

Now, I’ll share my next favorite ensemble that I use for working (at home).

Outfit #2: Smart Casual WFH Uniform

When you work from home, you transform yourself into something else. You become yourself’s greatest and biggest motivator. Waking up in the morning transforms you into a refreshed person. Each day when you wake up means another chance to accomplish your tasks and also transform yourself. This way, you continue to be a better version of yourself for every single day. Besides, working from home provides its own enjoyable and long-term perks for each individual.

What’s the ensemble this time?

So every piece of the ensemble means something to me. The blazer gives me that professional feeling that allows me to beat any lazy bug or even feel distracted. Alongside that, I’ve started meditating with a Gold Tiger’s Eye crystal pendant that I got from The Mala Tree. It helps you clear your mind and your confidence.

With the work jacket/blazer that I got, I always feel that I’m at my best phase when I work. It gives me a subtle confidence boost that I can accomplish anything and do anything as long as I put my mind into it. The bodysuit gives me ample warmth, especially during the cold days. Lastly, the leather shorts always give that stylish look even if I just work from home. As you see, when you work from home or wherever you are, dressing up plays a vital role in your work. You motivate yourself to perform better while conditioning your mind that you go to your home office for work.

Just like the subtle pressure you feel when you work an office-based job, there’s the feeling that you are pressured to do things. The same concept applies in this. I dress up in my home office to push myself. This simulates me that my work stays in the home office and the other parts of my flat/home stays that way.


  • Dressing up while working from home compels me not to skip any part of the usual office-based routine.
  • I get more creative as I play with the clothes that I have in my closet. Believe me, it’s challenging since I continuously purge my closet of clothes that I fail to use within six (6) months.
  • The pressure the clothes give always make me feel that I am skilled and talented.
  • No dress code! I get to decide what will my uniform be for the coming days! Isn’t that fun?

Now, how about you? Will you dress to impress even you work from home?

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  • Teresa
    October 13, 2019 at 9:41 AM

    I really do not dress up while working at home. I think that is one of the flexibilities of working from home that I love. I can work right away without having to worry or spend a lot of time thinking about my attire. For me, those are precious minutes that I could already spend working on something. =)

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