The One with the Productivity Apps | How to be Productive?

July 24, 2019
The One with the Productivity Apps | How to be Productive?

One of the greatest treasures that we have been given today is our phones. It is literally a one-stop-shop for many of our needs. In an age of information such as we live in today, it is vital that we maximize the wonderful innovations on our fingertips. So what productivity apps do you use?

What productivity apps should you try?

Apps, plugins, and programs are everywhere nowadays. They help maximize our time and our lives easier. Among the many that are out there, here are our top picks for your consideration!


Music while working is almost a need for millennials nowadays. The great thing about Spotify is that it caters to whatever mood you are in. It has the magic to transport you back to your childhood days or keep you in the loop with the latest single releases.

In addition to that, Spotify also has podcasts to help keep you inspired and playlists with the sound of nature to relax you. However, you might be disappointed to know that Spotify premium is not free. For a small price, you can unlock worlds beyond your imagination; it is worth it! We assure you that.

Weather PH

Great music works well with great weather. The WeatherPH app gives you a weather forecast for the week in a fun interactive interface. Knowing the weather has never been this cool before. With just a few touches, you will be able to know whether it is going to rain or not. No weather surprises can ruin that schedule on your planner now.


This is the future. This one app is for all your schedules, deadlines, meetings, and reminders. It is easier to keep everything in one place than having to check more than one application just to fix your schedule.

Based from personal experience

Asana is absolutely user-friendly and not only does it keeps my schedule organized; it also syncs everything that I do. So whether I’m on my phone, or working on my laptop, everything is up to date whenever I make a change.

Another notable app that helps keep things organized like Asana is the LawJuan app for Filipino law students on the go. It is a collection of laws and regulations that you can pull out of your phone whenever. You can never predict when an opportunity will arise to help others, being prepared for it is vital.


Truly, there is no limit to the worlds we can enter now with just one app. Books, audiobooks, and magazines are doors to new ideas and inspirations that will help you overcome that creative block. I cannot count the number of times how reading one good book inspired me to create new artworks and blog posts.


When the going gets tough and life in the city gets too noisy, take a breath to calm down, relax and re-focus.

For those of us who are thriving our way into our corporate jobs and battling the frustrating Metro Manila commute, we need a safe place to rest our thoughts. You will be amazed how clearly you can see everything when you clear your mind of things that are toxic.

Does this app spark joy? It surely does!

There are so many apps out there that will help boost your productivity, and we emphasize the word many a thousand times. If you are thinking of purchasing a certain app but is still hesitant then we encourage you to research it.

Read reviews from others who bought it, try for their free version, and compare it with other apps. Good investments will go a long way.

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Go ahead and give these productivity apps a try!

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