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2021 Musings and Poems I wrote

2021 Musings and Poems

Throughout the year, I experienced a lot of things. From getting diagnosed with a mental health issue up to recovering from grief and healing. Life gave me a roller coaster ride that I thought I would not survive. But, as the popular BTS song, life goes on. I coped by writing my heart out hence my 2021 musings and poems.

What’s the story behind my 2021 musings and poems?

Little did I know that I have a knack for composing poems and even writing down my musings in such a creative way. All I thought, writing poems is for extremely creative ones that pursue the musical career like songwriters. I never saw myself as someone who will write poems and eventually share them with you.

Back in high school and college, I sought out my deepest feelings so I will possess the right kind of emotion and intensity to bring my thoughts into writing. I always felt insecure about sharing my compositions for they’re not the typical rhyming ones like the more popular ones. They always came from the heart, mind, and soul. These compositions or musings as I would call them are inspired by true-to-life experiences.

Now, without further ado, I hope you get to find the courage to share your musings and poems too. It may not be as elaborate as a website as you can use other platforms such as Twitter or Tumblr to share your compositions. If not, feel free to comment on your poems and I will read them!

March 13 musings

I suddenly miss the feelings of writing down thoughts and ideas that pass through my mind. Honestly, I miss the adrenaline rush you get when you thought of an idea from a dream and you want to do it in real life. I miss the fleeting rush of ideas when you look at something that triggers your thoughts.

The liberty of exploring the world is cut short.

Humans cause a lot of problems, but what are we doing? Is there a plan? Are we even doing steps to prevent the worst? What’s wrong with us? Are we happy with the world burning?

What happens to our kids when they grow up? Will they still have a world to enjoy the way we did in our childhood?

Words (November 28, 2021 9:31 PM)

Words don’t come easy these days,
Nor surviving every day of our lives.
We give all our might,
To keep up the fight.

Words don’t come easy these days,
We hide our pain, emotions, and struggles.
Seeing the light feels tough,
But we go through it all.

Words don’t come easy these days,
People crawling out of the dark,
Slowly realizing the pain and navigating through it,
Seeing the light at the end of the dark road.

Words slowly come back as we regain consciousness,
Rising from the ashes,
Shining like the stars,
Braving the unknown.

Slowly moving past the hurt,
Walking towards the light,
Facing the world once more,
Just as you were destined to be.

Untitled 1

Take my hand, follow me on this journey.
No one knows where it will end but surely,
This marks the starting point of where will you be.
Don’t curse the day we met or went on with our lives,
Love every step of the way towards your dreams.

Untitled 2

When clouds darken the sky,
The sun hides,
Rain paves the way,
It meets the dry barren land.

Tears fall, seeds bloom.
Plants grow, leaves rise.
See the sky clear up,
And watch my wings fly high.

Soar the skies above you,
Let your wings spread,
Take yourself to higher heights.

Untitled 3

The sun shines bright in the sky tonight,
The moon reflects the beauty that you possess,
Live in a world full of emotion and ridicule,
People say unfathomable things that leave you obsessed.

Different phases, different stages,
For every new door, a new trial begins.
Tumultuous challenges greet you,
But cheer up, conquer the demons hindering you.

Words are escaping me little by little,
Just fleeting like a cloud in the sky,
Floating without any direction,
Inept among the crowd of thorns.

Find yourself they said,
Free yourself he said,
Move forward she said,
But what do you say?

If you read this, thank you for reading through my musings throughout the year. It took me a lot of strength and courage to share them with you on my website so I hope this sparks something in you.

Take that adventure that you’ve been waiting for but stay safe always! COVID19 is still around and we’re not out of the woods yet.

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