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A Letter for My Sixteen Year Old Self

December 2, 2019

When I started out blogging, I always read letters to their old selves by the bloggers that I follow. Slowly, technology advanced and they shifted from writing to vlogging. Now, 10 years ago, vlogging was still not a thing and blogging was. I always dreamed of so many things back then and slowly achieving the. Fast forward to 10 years, I want to share something with my old self and tell her a lot of things. Lo and behold, I’m…

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3 Powerful Truths About the Joy of Missing Out

3 Powerful Truths About the Joy of Missing Out

Each one of us feels different about a lot of things, especially when it comes to the joy of missing out (JOMO). Others feel reluctant to saying that they lean on experiencing fear of missing out (FOMO). But, what does it really mean when…

November 16, 2019
5 Things I Didn't Expect with Freelancing

5 Things I Didn’t Expect with Freelancing

Freelancing gives people the chance to work at their own time/schedule and pace. However, it comes with a price. Some feel bored working from the comfort of their homes as they don’t go out anymore. Also, others feel isolated for reasons only they know…

June 15, 2019
26 Aspirations and Wishes
Dear Diary Wishes

The One with the 26 Aspirations and Wishes

26 aspirations and wishes for 2019 as I take on another chapter in my life. I personally don’t share much about my birthday or announce it but I like to share this part of myself. So now, I share my different aspirations and wishes…

May 1, 2019
How To Add The Right Colours To Engagement Rings
Dear Diary Lifestyle

How To Add The Right Colours To Engagement Rings

Engagement and wedding rings can be given a completely new look when a little colour is added. If you are deciding whether to go for the classic colourless diamond rings or something more colourful, this article will help you choose what’s best for your requirements.…

April 4, 2019
Women's Month
Life Lately

How Do You Empower Yourselves this Women’s Month?

Whenever March comes, we think of women’s month. It’s a month-long celebration that aims to empower women from all over the world (or universe). Personally, this marks a very special month that’s so close to my heart. Without further ado, here’s my March.…

March 14, 2019
The Struggles of Working Remotely

The Struggles of Freelancing That You Need To Know

The struggles of freelancing tackle a wide array of aspirations, experiences, and frustrations. This contains observations I gathered from other freelancers I know or from my own experiences as well. Remember to keep an open mind while reading through this, okay?…

December 26, 2018