5 Ways on How To Show Your Love to Your Dogs

How to Show Your Love to Your Dogs

Dogs are God-sent aren’t they? They’re  friendly, loving, funny, cute, and very loyal. They’re everything you wish your significant other could be like, right? Or maybe even better!

Kidding aside, dogs really are the best. They’re always there for you when you need companionship, a cheer up after a hard day,  protection, and etc. 

Dogs are too good and give so much happiness to humans that you just can’t help but gush over them and wonder; “What did we do to deserve dogs?”. Well, instead of draining all your energy feeling all touched and mushy over your fur babies, it’s your turn to give back to them.

We’ve got five (5) ways to do so. Read below.

Decoding dog happiness

Spoiling your fur babies can be a little difficult since they can’t talk like humans and say what they like or dislike. You’d have to be more observant of their body languages and facial expressions in order to tell whether they’re happy with what you do or give them. 

Before we give you some tips on how to show your love to dogs, you must first be aware of these top happy dog body languages. You may show your love to your dog but will your furbaby really like it? Here’s how you can tell: 

  • Tail wagging
  • Relaxed ears
  • Relaxed body
  • Playful 
  • Leaning to you 

For decoding other dog body languages, you can check this link out: How to tell if your dog is happy.

Finally, here are the best ways to spoil your dogs!

How to show your love to your dogs?

5 Ways on How To Show Your Love to Your Dogs
Aren’t they the cutest?

Give them all their basic needs

Common sense tip for fur parents, but just to put it out here in case there’s someone here reading who (oh God, hopefully not) hasn’t been providing his fur baby its needs; food, water, and shelter, mainly. Deprivation is heartless by the way, and you don’t deserve your dog if you don’t address its needs. 

Giving your fur babies their basic needs is the top way to show them your love. Providing for them so they get to live comfortably is an act of love that screams, “I love you and want all the best for you in this life”.   

However, remember not to go overboard in giving them their needs, especially when it comes to food. A lot of overly loved dogs I’ve met in my life are dangerously obesed .Their fur parents can’t help feed them too much as it is their love language. 

Keeping your dog healthy is a priority so you have to reduce your food spoiling to a moderate and safe level.

Take them out on walks

Show your love to dogs by taking them on walks!
How often do you show your love to dogs?

There’s really something magical with dogs and walks that just puts them in an automatic state of happiness. Maybe it’s related to their natural wild instinct to roam outdoors or whatever it may be, it just keeps their tail wagging happily which is a sure good thing. 

You could say that although your dog likes staying indoors with you, they also get cabin-fever or bored of the same environment. Do them a favor and take them out on walks. It’s a win-win situation too. They’re happy to be outside; they can see their fellow dog friends, and you can save yourself from poops and pees in your house since your pet will do it outside. Plus, both of you can get some sunshine and exercise. Cool deal, huh? It’s taking care of your fur babies and also yourself.

Bathe them

Bathing for fur babies is an act of love that doesn’t really yield happy reactions. In short, results may vary. Some dogs love bathing and some hate it so much. However, fur babies get unhappy but you’re bathing them for their own good. Not all acts of love make one happy anyway, and that’s what you call ‘tough love’. 

Bathing your dogs will help them feel fresher. It relieves them of a very hot day. Not only that but it also prevents harmful thicks and fleas. Lastly it disinfects them to help fight off bacteria and viruses that may be bad for their health.

Accept their playtime invitations

Another way fur parents show their love to dogs is to accept their play invites. You know, those cute times when they bring their toys to you or when just lean over you while wiggling their tails. 

If you interact back with them, that’s showing them that you’re more than happy to spend time with them as much as they do to you. Devoting your time to your furry friend is a strong love language. 

Always check up on their health

As previously mentioned, since dogs can’t really voice themselves out, they can’t reach out to you when they have concerns over their health. That’s why fur parents are responsible for keeping their dogs  healthy. You can show your love to them by giving them some body check every now and then, keeping an eye out for any weird behaviors, change in appetite, or better yet, take them to regular visits to the vet.

If you truly love your dogs, their health and well-being is your priority because you want them to live comfortably and longer, right?

Love is give and take. This means that when you are in a loving relationship, the ones involved should reciprocate for each other’s acts of love. You can’t always take, take, take without giving something back. It has to be an interchange. If not, that’s a one-sided love and it’s painful!  This applies to both human relationships and your relationship with your fur baby. So, remember to give back their love for you and let them get spoiled too!

Go forth, fur parent, and show your love to your dog!

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