Life Lately

Life Lately: Collection of Stories

Life Lately: Collection of Stories

My last Life Lately post was about a roller coaster feeling about mid-year. Now, it’s July. Here are some stories about how life has been after my last Life Lately post.

Goodbye June, Hello July: Collection of Stories

My last Life Lately post was truly and deeply a personal one. It highlighted mostly what I have been feeling for the past few months. Now, I have optimism back at my side again and I want to share stories of how the past weeks have been for me.

Now, here are some of my pleasant memories for the past few weeks.

Coping Up

Last post, I shared about being a self-identified depressed or anxious person. It was hard because it has been quite a while since I admitted something to myself. At first, I thought the people close to me would reject me for feeling like or just merely being like this. It was terribly hard to open up because they may not understand how things are.

Some would usually see me as that perky and bubbly person. Yet, that’s only the exterior. They haven’t seen how shattered I could be from within. I also shared that I am using an app called Paralign that would help me vent out my inner thoughts. The ones I could not tweet about nor post on my social accounts.

Moreover, I have been doing better with how I am. I’ve told my mom about it and she’s been supporting me ever since. My boyfriend also told me that I will be able to conquer these and cope up with everything that may be pulling be down. Another thing that helps me is calligraphy.

Finding Maria

In life we may feel lost some times. We struggle to find the right path to reach our goals and aspirations. I shared that I felt lost about life.

Now, I’m happy with the progress that I have been making. It’s a slow process of getting better and well but it’s worth it. Hey, small progress is better than no progress at all. Right?

So if you feel a little lost in life, just take a break. Inhale, exhale. Then rethink of your dreams, goals and aspirations. From there, you’ll eventually figure it out. For some it may take a while, but it always depends on the person. You are different from me. We are all unique beings.

But know this, in case you’d want someone to consult about something or just mainly talk, converse with your friends, family or someone you trust. It helps. Yet in case, it’s also helpful to find people who share the same feeling as you do. From there, you’d be able to see how things are from their perspective. Eventually, this could guide you to finding your own path.

We all have our own Neverland. It may not be the same as Peter’s but it’s always a star out there in the universe.

Murdered Bag at MAFBEX

If you follow my blog’s Facebook page, you’ll be able to see my post about my murdered bag.

What hurts the most is that the bag was a gift from my mom. It had so many sentimental memories already even if this bag and I got together for a little over a year. But, I’m happier that my mom and I are safe and no harm ever reached us while being there at MAFBEX.

The whole story is on the Facebook post.Β πŸ™‚

Arts Market at Pineapple Lab

Collection of Stories: Arts Market

Part of the display at the Arts Market

Last June 24, we participated in the Arts Market conducted at the Pineapple Lab. We got to meet so many artists that have different niches. This is the first time we participated in an art market in Metro Manila. For me, it made me feel both excited and anxious at the same time.

Thank you for my mom and to Sam who told me to just calm down. Also for reminding me to have fun and just breathe.

I’m proud to say that we were able to showcase our products. It ranged from postcards, custom-designed journals (A5 and A6 sizes), stickers. Also, I was able to finally start selling the Endure shirts.

More will be shared about the Arts Market at Pineapple Lab on my other blog.

Endure Shirts

Collection of Stories: Endure Shirts

Endure Shirts at the Arts Market | Pineapple Lab

Honestly, this is a personal project. One that is very close to my heart.

When the news about Marawi broke out, my heart felt sad. It affected my whole being. I mean, when I started my post-grad studies, that was the time that I began getting acquainted with Muslim people. Personally, I am curious about their culture. Their discipline is way amazing than others out there.

I have a friend who’s from Marawi City and really devastated with what has been happening in their city. Help was what they truly needed. It got me thinking on what if we sell something to raise funds to be donated to the refugees. I know it will not be as grand as the other fundraising activities out there but at least I get to help. Right?

So, I tried connecting with fellow artists and designers for a shirt design. Some gave favorable response but due to their busy life, weren’t able to truly commit to giving me their design.

Now, the designer behind the Endure shirt wants me to keep the identity a secret. It’s his/her way of creating a mystery.

We started selling during the Arts Market. Available sizes then were S, M, L and XL; being sold at Php 300 ($ 5.95).

Currently, the sizes available areΒ M, L and XL.Β If you want to have your own shirt, you may contact me or send me an email.

Work + Going Home

After how many months, I’m finally going home for a break! I personally have been delaying this trip since I have work.

Delaying because the work I have really requires strong and stable internet connection. Previously, I have freelance work but eventually lost it since I went home during the Holy Week and was not able to do the tasks assigned. Sad, right?

Now, I just celebrated my first month weeks back and I’m happy with my employer and with the tasks being assigned to me. Not only that I’m able to learn but also apply it with my side hustles. Beforehand, I have been reiterating to my mom to have our connection checked since it would be a waste if I won’t be able to work properly.

Honestly, I’m quite excited to go home and be with my dogs!

How has your life been?

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  • Indrani
    July 11, 2017 at 12:22 PM

    Good to see your optimistic side again! Life is like that: bright days and dark days – they come cyclically!
    So sorry about the murder of your bag but the best part is nothing got stolen. Have a good rest and stay at home.

  • cieri of thewonderfulkind .com
    July 11, 2017 at 10:22 PM

    Appreciate your candidness in this post. I can totally relate to the part of getting lost and gaining optimism again. That is very human after all. You are very talented and I honestly admire your talents and skills and being talented is something to smile about πŸ™‚ And this is about mid..of 2017 already woah! Whered the time go?!

  • Berlin | Momi Berlin
    July 11, 2017 at 10:46 PM

    Life lately? I am now on my 39th weeks of pregnancy. It is somehow difficult to walk around the house as my inner thighs hurt every time I make a move. I usually stay in bed and sleep to not feel the false contractions. Sometimes, I write so I may forget the pain.

    Nway, your life lately has been both fun and sad. Such a nice feeling to be able to help – those in Marawi and whoever did that to your bag.

  • Ma. Clarice Lao
    July 11, 2017 at 10:57 PM

    Reading your post made me smile. I am one of the community managers for mental health advocates community in Bacolod and we have always believed that art can help us overcome anxiety, depression. Thus, enjoy your calligraphy. It is very helpful.

    Also, i am so happy to read that you had a chance to go home. I am also on a vacation with my mom. I guess we all need a break from the daily grind. Sending you lots of love and positive vibes.

  • Amila Wickramarachchi
    July 12, 2017 at 9:26 AM

    It’s nice to hear that finally you are happy with your work and able to go home for having a break.Yes,work life balance is also important for a happy lifestyle.As you said there are times we face the challenges of the life.But,a good break can make wonders.I too had a completely work free holiday last month.And that could give me positive energy to start the work with cheerful mind!

  • theresa
    July 12, 2017 at 9:00 PM

    You’ve got so many things in your life right now. Good thing you weren’t hurt when someone tried to steal in your bag. We really need to be alert in our surroundings now that a lot of bad incidents is happening around us. It’s also nice to hear that you’re slowly adjusting at work. Me, I’m just busy with baby. work and blogging.

  • Milton Coyne
    July 13, 2017 at 1:38 AM

    yikes… you know what I experienced that modus before… unfortunately in my case.. i lost my phone and it happened to me not just once but three times na (hindi na natuto lols)….
    Actually there’s something inside my mind telling me that something is going on but I tend to ignore it… and then it’s too late for me to realized that someone is slashing my bag pala and all my things are gone… now, when i have a backpack… ginagawa ko muna syang “frontpack” when passing on crowded areas haha

    • Maria
      July 13, 2017 at 6:47 PM

      Actually, it’s only in the Philippines that a backpack becomes a frontpack! Be safe, Milton!

  • Veronica P.
    July 13, 2017 at 3:48 AM

    I am very sorry about your bag! The worst is not having the bag damaged but losing the trust and confidence in the surrounding.
    One day a young man was trying to break the door into my apartment while I was inside. I felt like someone else was controlling my life πŸ™

  • Johna
    July 13, 2017 at 10:44 AM

    Grrr! The nerve of some people. At least you were hurt! Glad that you were able to share this, Will definitely remember to keep my eyes open and bags close when in places with a lot of people.

  • Irma
    July 14, 2017 at 8:32 PM

    Nice to hear positive tunes from you again. Especially since your bag had definitively seen better days, right? But hey don’t feel very sorry for it, you will get another one. It is important that you are ok and were not hurt. Keep the positive spirit!

  • Me-An Clemente
    July 16, 2017 at 1:26 AM

    This post inspires me to create on too. It helps put life in perspective and it documents the high and low points which are something to look back to. Anyway, it’s so sad that a bag with sentimental value got slashed. But, as you said, it’s great that nothing got stolen and nothing bad happened to your mom. That is what really matters. And, also, for your fundraising for Marawi, I applaud you for doing such. May God bless you more for helping out. By the way, the artist who wants to remain anonymous did an awesome job. Keep the positivism coming.

  • Angelie
    July 29, 2017 at 10:08 PM

    I am sorry to hear about what happened with your bag! Let’s just be grateful that you and your mom are safe! I can only imagine how scary the experience was for you.

    I will never understand why people would resort into doing such horrible things to someone! I mean if they are strong enough to go brave the crowd in MAFBEX, surely they are strong enough to get a decent job!

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