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How to Boost Your Self-Confidence with Self-Love Project?

January 31, 2019
The Self-Love Project with Asus Zenfone 5Q

Self-confidence is something that people lose due to different situation at different times. We need it on a daily basis to accomplish our daily tasks and personal business. I started The Self-Love Project to boost my confidence more and to just love myself more. Let me share my story and my project.

What about The Self-Love Project?

The idea of this project stemmed from the selfie project that I did for a class back in college. It also paved the way for me to begin this blog and take it deeper and grow it. Now, the gist of the selfie project back then was to document every single day for the entire duration of the project. Capture selfies or photos that made your day. It didn’t matter if you wore make-up or not, high resolution photos or not. What mattered the most, to just do it and submit it by the deadline.

Together with Asus PH, they gave me the Zenfone 5Q for this project. From my previous post, I shared why I love this phone. Now, I’m sharing how it helps one to build up their self-confidence more through the power of its cameras.

Losing my self-confidence and self-love

Through the years, I encountered some hardships and even faced mental health issues that crippled me. It made me doubt myself so much that I always keep on telling myself that I will never be good enough. Things took a different drift when I began seeking help and learning to cope up with my anxiety through the ways I know. Along the way, I attended some workshops about self-love that helped me look at things the other way.

Big thanks to Christine Rollings for the very first self-love workshop that I attended way back around three (3) years ago!

Now, here I am sharing my story and journey on how a smartphone boosted my self-confidence and self-love at once.

The first selfie

First selfie for The Self-Love Project
The first selfie for The Self-Love Project

I captured this moment as I took a break from working. Working from seems easy for some however, you’ll encounter some clients that make you think twice about your skills and output as well. It hurts when you give your best but the other party doesn’t seem to be on the same page as you do. You lose some of your self-confidence but for some, a lot of it. Hence, results to something catastrophic in the long run.

This selfie symbolizes all the freelancers, digital nomads, and all the people who tried and got rejected at some point in their lives. Don’t lose hope as there’s always another window or door waiting for you to pass by.

Gizmo talk: I used the front cam, wide angle here. Captures a lot actually if you ask me. So careful for photobombers when you use the wide angle!

A SamTin date

Going on a date to watch Mary Poppins Returns!

Going on a date with someone you truly love boosts your self-confidence especially if they encourage you to be yourself. I’m happy that Sam supports me with my endeavors as I support his. He boosts my self-confidence whenever I wear make-up or wear clothes that I’m comfortable with. It helps me feel great about myself and honestly, I feel like I conquer the world whenever I feel his support! Find someone who supports you through and through and this will boost your self-confidence and love yourself more!

Gizmo talk: I captured this moment inside the movie house before the movie started. Honestly, this phone amazes me with how it captures moments like this especially if the lighting is poor. So, for capturing moments like this, remember to try using the Zenfone 5Q.

A relaxing view

A breathtaking view that boosts your self-confidence by liking the view. Part of the self-love project
Enjoy a breathtaking view captured by the Zenfone 5Q

Sometimes, looking at a grandiose view calms our nerves and makes us think and clear our minds. When contemplating about different things in life, we look at pretty sights that comfort our eyes and even our souls. By looking away, we see things differently and even love people differently.

Through this photo, I realize that sometimes we overlook at things when we get frustrated in life and take some things for granted. Worse, we neglect the people that truly care for us. Looking through views like this certainly comforts me and refreshes myself. Somehow, it recharges my soul and opens my mind to think about the decisions I made before and contemplate on how to make things better and improve myself. This made it to this project as it reminds me of the past things I did confidently. Hence, it strengthens me to do better and improve myself for the upcoming decisions I need to make.

Gizmo talk: The Zenfone 5Q helped me capture scenic spots like this and make me remember every memory that I have in life.

A friend who boosts your confidence

A wild Miszy appeared for the self-love project
Rotate your head and spot the wild Miszy that appeared for the Self-Love Project.

We all have friends who got our backs, right? Imagine befriending someone who boosts our self-esteem every single time you’re with them. Isn’t it fun? I’m lucky to find this girl from all those years ago when I first explored the corporate world for work. It was around March of 2014 when I first met her at work and I thought when I resigned we will stop being friends. Fast forward to almost five (5) years after that, we’re still friends and conversing about our adulting journey and fangirling about a K-Pop group like BTS.

I admire her so much for always telling me how pretty she is because at times I really do feel insecure about my appearance. Honestly, I don’t have a clear skin and nice hair. My hair depends on my bed who’s my go-to stylist especially now. She reminds me that anyone’s pretty even with all the blemishes we have either externally or internally.

Random fact:

She always takes a selfie on my phone which serves a reminder about self-love. Love yourself so much that you make your blemishes your armor. It reminds me of Tyrion Lannister (Game of Thrones fan here too!) that when people call him a dwarf, he doesn’t feel negative about it anymore. He wears it as his armor and just faces the cruel world as it is.

Maria's bare face for the Self-Love Project
A bare face selfie for the Self-Love Project. Captured through the Zenfone 5Q wide angle

Gizmo talk: This phone (Zenfone 5Q) boosts my self-confidence and self-love because it makes me appreciate myself through the selfies and photos it captures. It pushes me not to feel awkward at all when taking selfies or we-fies or whatever kind of photo there is.

What happens next for the Self-Love Project?

A bare-faced selfie for the Self-Love Project.
Just being myself, a bare-faced girl who worked hard for her eye luggage. Start your own Self-Love Project now!

Honestly, I hope everyone appreciates themselves more that how they appreciate themselves now. It pays to pamper yourself once in a while even though you’re the breadwinner of the family or the owner of a company. The Self-Love Project aims to encourage people not just to take selfies or photos daily but to nurture and appreciate yourself more.

Scream out your emotions if you encounter wins, big or small. Every win is still a win and be proud of it especially if you made it happen!


Just remember that every selfie boosts yourself in so many ways that you might know or discover just yet. Some follow people on social media that preach about self-love but remember, it starts from within. You may take courage from them but all the hard work comes from you.

You’re beautiful and don’t let anyone rob it from you!


Start your own Self-Love Project and boost your self-esteem and self-confidence now!

Disclaimer: Asus sent me the Zenfone 5Q but all opinions and thoughts are mine.

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