Do's and Don'ts to Proposing at Her Workplace

Do’s And Don’ts To Proposing At Her Workplace

Do’s And Don’ts To Proposing At Her Workplace

No matter how confident you are. The woman holds the final answer when you get down on one knee and start proposing. You think of asking her to spend the rest of her life with you. Planning the perfect proposal is very important to secure a successful bid.  

What should you know about proposing to her at her workplace?

Since we spend the majority of our time at work, it is highly possible that you think of making proposing at her workplace. But public proposals have to be well-thought of and you must look into a number of considerations.

This includes your significant other’s personality and whether or not her co-workers will be worth including in your future.

Below are a few do’s and don’ts to follow if you’re thinking about proposing at her workplace: 

1. Don’t think of proposing without a ring.

The proposal is a significant turning point for your relationship as a couple. Moreover, the engagement ring is one of the important elements that secures your future fiancée’s consent.

Making the proposal with the right ring will mean a lot to your partner. It delivers the message that you are ready to make a commitment of a lifetime with her. Don’t just go for the first you see. Choose diamonds in Sydney shops that you trust. Make sure that you take your time to look for a jewelry piece that best fits your partner’s personality. 

2. Don’t ask out of the blue or just because.

Pivotal moments like the day you decide to ask her to be your wife deserves a lot of effort and planning and time. Among others, it’s best if you don’t propose impulsively. Everything about the proposal has to feel special and worth telling over and over again. This includes your future kids and grandchildren.  

This basic rule holds especially true with workplace proposals as not every company is open to such scenarios. If the office does allow this bit of distraction, you should also consider whether your partner will be comfortable with a public wedding proposal or not. You have to make sure that she’ll say yes to your offer or you’ll end up with a very public heartbreak.

3. Do remember to check with your partner.

Every surprise is accompanied by the possibility that the person you are surprising is not there. They may have made prior plans to go out with friends or go home early.

This is why it is very important that you properly plan the proposal. Particularly syncing your schedules, so that when you do bend down on one knee, you actually have someone to propose to.

4. Do let at least one other person know.

A wedding proposal may be the most romantic surprise you will ever give your future wife. So make sure you make it truly special and memorable. To keep you on the right track and give you a hand with your lady, ask someone to be your collaborator.

This could be her closest co-worker or her cool boss; whichever works best to keep your planned proposal running smoothly. Not only can they make sure that your significant other is present. But you can also ask them to take photographs and videos of the surprise.  

So, when you decide to propose, don’t just make a scene—make a memorable scene! Whether you plan to have a flash mob in the street fronting her office, or a pretend team building, or a simulated client meeting, prepare for it with the passion and commitment of a future groom. Then you’ll most definitely be ending the day with a happy fiancee.

Do's and Don'ts to Proposing at Her Workplace
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