Life Lately: How is Life with ADHD?

This is personal and different from the other posts you’ll see here. Honestly, I missed writing Life Lately posts that come from the heart. So, this is about my life with ADHD.

So, how’s life with ADHD?

Since being officially diagnosed with adult ADHD, I have realized many things. First, that’s why I have liked so many things ever since I was young. I got interested in painting, playing the piano, and playing with remote-controlled cars and dolls simultaneously!

It’s a different roller coaster to discover that you have adult ADHD. There were suspicions when I was younger, but I didn’t think it would be officially ADHD. I got into music, art, magic, tarot reading, and more.

After college, there was a period of applying to different companies, and I remember one interviewer describing me as eclectic. I didn’t realize that as I am writing this, it would impact the person I am today. Liking different things across different periods gave me diversity.

What’s happened the past few months since I last wrote a life lately blog?

To be honest? A lot has transpired after my last life lately blog. I checked out Mastodon and slowly migrated to it from Twitter. After the latest Twitter ruckus, I realized that it was supposed to be a microblogging platform but evolved differently. It became a platform or tool for paid media and trolls to spread disinformation. I honestly abhor the things going on in that aspect.

About my career, I made another move. I moved forward from the corporate world and embraced freelancing for a while now. Honestly, I did miss the freedom of working at your pace without rigid hours to meet. The flexibility is kind to my mental health illnesses. Since I’m taking Quetiapine for my anxiety, it makes me sleepier and more relaxed more often but is contradicted when I take my ADHD meds — I am taking Concerta.

ADHD meds are stimulants that help us function well. Since we are neurodiverse people, our brains work differently. Mine processes things quicker, which I think some dislike because I know what they’re going to say before they say it. Hence, I finished their sentences before they could. It also helps me do the things that I struggle with.

Aside from those life updates, I still explored the possibility of corporate employment that will allow me to work remotely. Why? I’m still anxious and scared about getting sick. From my perspective, I don’t have the luxury of getting sick. Well, most of us are. COVID-19, and all its evolutions, took so many lives, even of my closest friends. I don’t want Dakila nor my family to lose someone they love because of confidence in going out and not properly doing the health protocols. That’s why I still prefer remote work.

Besides, who would want to spend hours going to and fro the office with all the high transportation prices? Even the public transportation situation here got worse. It’s worse than the pre-pandemic era if you ask me. Gas prices are painstakingly high. All essential commodities got more expensive. Plus, even my meds cost me more.

Believe me, the PWD discount is something, but we need more resources to buy even the most basic needs right now.

How do I manage my ADHD?

After getting my official diagnosis, it unlocked many things for me. It helped me love myself more and look out for myself more than others. My mental health issues made me take a step back, evaluate things, and see them from another angle.

I got to spend more time journaling, practicing time blocks, organizing tasks, and scheduling things or errands on top of that!

To help me with productivity, I automated my Discord server to have a Pomodoro timer and Lo-Fi music to play while I work. It helps me not lose track of time when I am doing my tasks, and I also take breaks. One thing about ADHD is most people don’t know about is that we tend to lose track of time when we like what we are doing. As an ADHDer, it’s called hyperfocus.

Other ways how I manage:

  • I listen to a podcast that I like while accomplishing tasks.
  • Organizing tasks through a digital planner or to-do list.
  • Setting off alarms before meetings or when the time block ends.
  • Using the Forest app for Pomodoro timer. There’s also a web extension that will allow you to use it too.
  • Preparing a drink or snack within my reach so I won’t forget to hydrate or eat. One of the things about taking ADHD meds, we sometimes feel less hungry when the meds are working. Then when it fades, we feel hungry. So to prevent binge eating, we have snacks near our desks or workplaces to continue eating little meals.
  • Create a routine and strive to adhere to it. But there are times when routines become boring, so we need to tweak them so we won’t feel bored and still be able to do our tasks.
  • Get noise-canceling or noise-isolating headphones or earphones! It helps, especially if you live in the city and there are cars honking or public trains passing your area. I got a Logitech G435 which is convenient because it’s wireless (both Bluetooth or Lightning Bolt connection).

Is there any life lately updates?

Of course, there are! To save you from reading very boring or long paragraphs, I’ll jot it down in bullets!

  • I started a different format for my newsletters. I tried sending it through Revue, which I found on Twitter. I got good feedback from it!
  • Streaming is becoming one of my hobbies already. I reached around 45 followers on Twitch already! Yay!
  • Journaling has been an on-off thing lately. I was tired of daily journaling, so I tried a weekly journal instead. So far, it’s pleasurable! I dedicate my Sundays to that and also to planning the week!
  • I got myself a PS5 controller because I like playing and lounging comfortably on my chair without the need to be too close to the screen. As much as J likes to let me borrow his controller, it goes against my principles. It’s a nice gesture, but I’ve always been told not to borrow stuff and get my own if I could. Plus, I don’t get blamed if in case it breaks. Right?
  • Drag Queens, ahoy! I finished watching Drag Race PH S1, which was so much fun! I also binge-watched RuPaul’s Drag Race S11-13, RuPaul’s Drag Race UK S1-3, and the different Untucked seasons! Honestly, I subscribed to HBO Go to watch Drag Race PH because I didn’t want to get spoiled on social media!
  • We got a Disney+ subscription. But, it was a bit disappointing because they say there’s 4K resolution, but when you watch on your desktop, it’s just 720P. Isn’t that misleading?
  • I downgraded my Netflix account because of other subscriptions, e.g., Disney+.
  • The cosplayers I love created Gank accounts, and I’m also subscribed to them! I loved them when I saw their Trese cosplay, and they always embody the characters well whenever they cosplay them. They are Awie De Guzman and Prince De Guzman!

Also, I updated my Ko-fi shop!

Since I’ve been casually streaming for a while, I also opened my Ko-fi shop and membership. I also updated my Gank profile to showcase my digital goods—planners, journals, and desktop wallpapers!

I hope you can support me there because it will help me fund my meds and also be able to donate to different animal shelters. It’s one of my advocacies always to pay it forward. When I have extra, I make it a point to donate to different charities to help them.

Remember, it’s best to invest in good karma! 💖

Until then!

I think that’s the last part of my life lately blog this time.

If you’re new here, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter below or support me through Ko-fi or Gank!

And please, stay safe!

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