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How's Life During Covid19 Quarantine?
Life Lately

Life Lately: How’s Life During Covid19 Quarantine?

Life under a Covid19 quarantine feels tough as it affects almost every aspect of your life. From your mental health to your career and even your physical health, it affects everything. What feels scarier is that outside of your homes, a lot of people…

April 27, 2020
A Letter for My Sixteen Year Old Self
Life Lately

A Letter for My Sixteen Year Old Self

When I started out blogging, I always read letters to their old selves by the bloggers that I follow. Slowly, technology advanced and they shifted from writing to vlogging. Now, 10 years ago, vlogging was still not a thing and blogging was. I always…

December 2, 2019
Women's Month
Life Lately

How Do You Empower Yourselves this Women’s Month?

Whenever March comes, we think of women’s month. It’s a month-long celebration that aims to empower women from all over the world (or universe). Personally, this marks a very special month that’s so close to my heart. Without further ado, here’s my March.…

March 14, 2019
Adulting Life Lately

Things One Learn in Their Quarter Life

Things come and go just like birthdays and other occasional days. There is one thing that never goes away, the quarter-life chapter in life. It can be a pivotal and defining chapter but also a destructive one. How? Let me tell you here.…

May 14, 2018
Life Lately

Life Lately: Things are Gray

It’s March again of another year and things are going fine. If asked to describe it in a color, I’d say it would be gray for many reasons. So many things happened in the past few weeks and I could not think of any…

March 13, 2018