Life Lately: Embracing Another Chapter

New Chapter: Corporate World

For every chapter in our lives, we meet new people. Sometimes, we take challenges that change the course of our lives. So, what’s your next chapter?

Embracing A New Chapter

How has life been? Sometimes, this is one of the hardest questions to answer.

It has been so long since I wrote for my blog. I apologize for the impromptu hiatus. I’m still figuring things out since I made a move to transfer my domain. As you may not know, I registered my domain with and now, I’m moving to Go Daddy PH.

The same goes for the current situation of my life. From working freelance for a number of years, I tried applying for work in the corporate world. Now, you’re reading a blog post written by someone from the corporate world already!

This is a move that I’ve been planning for a while now. Just like the domain transfer, I went on several stages before I started my work.

Chapter I: Domain Transfer

Some may wonder, why would I move domain hosts or even transfer my domain?

Simple, I was not satisfied with the service and the fee I’m paying for it. Prices continue to go up here in the Philippines and almost everything is affected. Beverages continue increasing their prices. Food cost more nowadays. Frankly, it is hard to find a meal that cost less than a Php 100 (or $2).

So why leave Pangalan?

This is something heavy since they are the first ones that I saw when I began to seriously blog. Years ago, I saw one of their offers for domain registration. It was Php 199 for a year so this naive girl did it without checking other options.

With her prepaid credit card, she made a purchase and “” was off the market and integrated into this blog. The integration process was easy even if I was ignorant about the technical aspects. They have a guide that any non-techie person can easily understand.

However, as the years go by I got disappointed with their service, response time, and how my domain would go down at times. Lastly, I could not afford the yearly renewal any longer.

Where to now?

Currently, my domain is still pending transfer-in to Go Daddy PH. However, during this waiting period, I got disappointed with how things are.

First, it is hard to communicate with their support team since they only have landline or mobile (which is Sun so it costs more if you’re a non-Sun user). Second, they have few to zero updates about the pending transfer-in which worries me since I’m not a techie person.

Lastly, I’m moving to Go Daddy PH because it is where the other two domains I’m managing are. It is hard to manage domains that are being hosted by two different companies. So, to lessen the hassle, I’m migrating them to just one host.

Chapter II: Corporate World

This is something unexpected even for me. Before, I always told myself that I want to be a digital nomad working from any point in the world. At some point, I was able to do that. However, there are challenges to fully taking on freelancing.

One of the biggest challenges was earning enough to support yourself. Even if you are working hard and building relationships with clients, there are still some who might not have a long working relationship with you.

So here I am, working in the corporate world. I am enjoying my work as my responsibilities and duties are similar to when I was still a full-time freelancer. I’m still a content writer, crafter, and a creative in general.

This adventure takes me to a different place. It lets me meet different people and hopefully, allow me to touch their lives in any way possible.

Chapter III: Life

Life is something hard to share or tell stories about. Yet life lately is something extra challenging. My mental health problems are still lurking around. Sometimes, they give me anxiety attacks and I would just end up crying all of a sudden.

Other times, I would feel that I’m worthless and just a tiny creature in this world. Sometimes, I feel I’m like a green-eyed monster when there are random people flirting with my SO. To be honest, I do not feel comfortable with that because of all the people in the world, you’d flirt with someone who has a partner already (and the person knows that)? The audacity, right?!

But anyway, let’s focus on the good things and not ponder on the negative things. These negative things are irresistible and would always lurk around the corner. They keep on enticing us to be mean and all but it’s always up to us on how will we act on it.

By the time this is live on the blog, it would be within the second half of the year. It means that I have only a few more months to owning 2018!

I told myself a million times that by the time I turn 25, which was last April, I should have a job and start earning on my own. I’m proud to say, I made that come true!

Now, let’s see where this path will take me. I hope to cross out some items on my bucket list soon!

A New Chapter?

The second half of the year is life the second half of every football game. It is the time to redeem ourselves from the shackles of the first half. Not only that, but it is also the time to take the wheel and drive our lives according to the way we want it to be.

I am continuously educating myself about football since my SO is a footballer. Plus, World Cup is here and nearing the finals so… I’m quite excited who’ll be bringing home the trophy from Russia!

Every new chapter in our lives should be a sign of positivity and hope. No matter how bad the past may be, there’s always the present that allows us to do some changes to improve the future. Honestly, the future is scary but we take risks. Without those risks, our lives are going to be a bore.

The future is what you make and what you want it to be. Mold it just the way you want it and not what others want. It’s you who will be living it not them.

So, are you ready for a new chapter in your life? 😊


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