Tips On How To Wear & Accessorise A Red Prom Dress

Tips On How To Wear & Accessorise A Red Prom Dress

If you are soon to be attending the prom and have decided on a red dress for the occasion, your choice of accessories will either make or break the look you are trying to create. Of course, choosing the dress is a challenge all on its own, and by browsing online designer dress boutiques, you will have more of a choice. Once you have found the perfect dress, here are some tips to ensure that your accessories will enhance the outfit.

How to wear a red dress to prom?

Retro White

White is an ideal match for a red prom dress, which will give you that retro look, with perhaps a matching set of a retro pearl necklace and earrings, while a white watch will help to balance out the red. You can add either a white or red ribbon in your hair to complete the look depending on the style and length of your hair.

Vary the Shades Of Red

Your accessories can also be red, although they should be of a slightly different shade. Choosing different textures will give your outfit some depth and variety, with either a matte or glazed finish that can be used effectively to bring about some balance to your look. If you are still looking to choose from the red prom dresses 2019 selection, there are great new designs from online retailers of designer prom dresses in all colours, from famous designers like Sherri Hill.

Wear Jewellery With Red Stones

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A pair of ruby earrings, for example, will look great with a red prom dress, as would a nice red ring, and if you don’t have any red stone jewellery, you might be able to borrow something from a friend. Failing that, an online search will bring up a list of jewellers who would have items with rubies, garnets or other red stones.

Make Good Use of Black

Black is one of the few colours that go well with red, and a handbag or even a shawl in black will enhance your look. Shoes can also be black, and make sure the dress is of the right length when wearing your shoes. There are some great articles for further reading on how best to accessorise a red dress.

Be Confident And Experiment

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Prior to the big day, you can experiment with various accessories, while inviting a good friend over for her valued opinion. It might take a while, but you should eventually settle on a set of accessories that work well with that red prom dress. Of course, you can do this alone, with the help of a full length mirror, yet having a second opinion will certainly give you more confidence regarding your choice of accessories.

Whatever you decide on, make sure that none of the accessories take up the focus, which should always be your dress, and with a little trial and error, you should be able to select the right accessories that will complement your outfit without taking anything away from the look you are trying to create.

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Tips on How to Wear & Accessorise A Red Prom Dress

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