Every Person’s Movie Night Essentials

Movie Night Essentials

With holiday parties behind us, weekend plans are bound to slow down a little. And with the winter weather setting in, there’s no better time than now for a cozy night at home! What are your movie night essentials that keep you watching your favorite shows and movies?

Every Person’s Movie Night Essentials

Weekend plans are bound to slow down a little because holiday parties are over. And with the winter weather setting in, there’s no better time than now for a cozy night at home! Gather your family or friends, encourage them to wear their comfiest clothes and pick a movie or show to dedicate a night to. I have pulled together some tips to ensure you have a night full of fun and yummy (resolution friendly) snacks!

Whether you prefer action, comedy, romcom, or family friendly movies, there are more inexpensive places to find movies than ever.

Scrolling through Netflix or for others it’s iFlix, stopping at a RedBox and streaming via Amazon Prime are all convenient ways to get your night started. I personally am excited to see Wonder when it comes out on dvd next month!

One of the most important things (aside from the actual movie) is a pile of cozy blankets to cuddle up with. One blanket per person isn’t enough in my eyes – the more the merrier! I always come prepared with fuzzy socks, comfy pants and a soft sweater to reach max comfortability. Who needs jeans for cozying up on the couch? Not me! You can even get crafty and tie up some sheets to make a blanket fort on the floor and fill it with pillows and blankets.

What else do you need for a successful movie night?

Snacks. And lots of them. I like to try and keep it mostly healthy – from apple slices with peanut butter to hummus and whole wheat crackers!

And a movie night always calls for THE classic movie snack: popcorn.

Whether you like classic buttered popcorn or want to spice things up with fun flavors such as jalapeno, SkinnyPop has delicious bagged popcorn that comes free of the guilt!

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What’s your favorite couch-time snack? And what movies are on your list this season?

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