How To Add The Right Colours To Engagement Rings

Engagement Rings

Engagement and wedding rings can be given a completely new look when a little colour is added. If you are deciding whether to go for the classic colourless diamond rings or something more colourful, this article will help you choose what’s best for your requirements.

The Fascination Behind Coloured Diamonds

There is a lot of meaning behind wedding and engagement rings and colours can really add to this. Colours have many associations attached to them being symbolic of love, commitment and strength. For example, yellow links to selfless love, red is symbolic to deep love and pink represents love, tenderness and innocence.  

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Tips For Adding Colour To Engagement And Wedding Rings

When you understand coloured diamonds, it gets easier to know what you want. Diamonds come in a range of shades from violets to blacks and greens. There are categories within the realm of colours which relate to how saturated the precious stone is. This means how deep or light the colour is. Knowing which saturation level you prefer out of the nine will help you narrow down the choices.

9 Colour Saturation Levels 

  1. Faint 
  2. Very light  
  3. Light  
  4. Fancy light  
  5. Fancy  
  6. Fancy dark  
  7. Fancy deep  
  8. Fancy intense  
  9. Fancy vivid

There are Three Grades To Colour  

The GIA has incorporated three main factors into grading coloured stones featured in wedding and engagement rings. This is why if you are thinking how the 4 C’s relate, it’s wise to do extra research that goes beyond this. Due to the variety of shades on the market, the GIA certification body has moreover included: hue, tone and saturation in this classification.

How to Choose the Shade  

Which hue you go for largely depends on the colour preference you have but it’s important to also consider the deeper meaning. Look up the colour symbolisms and see if it suits with your own ideas of how you perceive your love and relationship. There are plenty of precious and fancy stones such as sapphires, emeralds and rubies being some of the most popular. You may also want to know about the qualities and meaning of a pink diamond. If you buy a normal diamond first and choose to upgrade, you can talk to your jeweller about this and consider getting them changed over.

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There are several beautiful things about coloured diamonds and stones. Adding them to your wedding or engagement band can be a wonderful way to personalise it and bring further meaning into this important piece of jewellery.

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