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Top 10 Reasons Why Authors Choose to Self Publish

Top 10 Reasons Why Authors Choose to Self Publish

Life, in general, has been evolving ever since. Majority of the things most people do back in the day are not automated through tools and apps developed to ease people’s lives. The same goes for publishing books. Why do authors think of choosing to self publish their works?

Why do authors choose to self publish?

Before, the authors undergo so many revisions with the guidance of their editors and the respective publishing houses. Nowadays, authors would take a different path and explore the path most of them would not take before. That is the road to self-publishing.

Now, it has become known to most and here’s why it has become a choice these days.

#1 Cost Efficient

Most would say that when you self-publish, you might just be burning money down the drain. Yet, most authors are controlling their expenses to save for further expenses. Another is that there are a lot of choices to choose from as well as chances and risks to take.

One good thing is about publishing your own book is that you are able to control the cash flow. From the expenditures to the earnings you will be receiving, you have the say in that.

#2 Control

How do you want your book to look like?

There are so many questions that would pass your mind when you are arranging and fixing documents regarding your book. Another thought would be what edits will you allow just in case the editor asks. Of course, as the author of the book, you want to avoid such edits because it might take away the whole idea and message of the book.

When authors self publishes, they have the final say when it comes to the alterations in the book.

#3 Time Management

Normally, an author will have spent time with their books and other publications. Delays may have been occurred and waiting for the right time could take a while.

With self-publishing, authors are able to manage their own time without worrying what the editor or the publishing house says. Nowadays, aspiring writers are everywhere waiting for their time to come out and build a rapport for your works. More aspiring authors have moved forward and earning millions through self-publishing.

Plus, some have stayed on the top 10 list of top sellers and have built a rapport between themselves and their readers.

#4 Arcane Style or Category

Most of the authors have various genres that they like. Some write with genres overlapping with each other that it could not be classified in just one category (or genre). With the conflicting ambiguity lurking around, publishing houses and editors might focus on the obscurity and there’s a possibility that your book may not be published.

Hence, authors turn to self-publishing as an option. This allows them to be free with their books and be able to share it with everyone.

#5 Higher royalties

Generally, royalties are the amount received by the author as remuneration when publishing houses circulate and publish your manuscript. Most common cases would say that you are able to receive 25-50% for every sold copy of your book or magazine.

Opposite to that is self-publishing. Authors who self-publish can earn more that what these publishing houses give you. At most, you can earn 100% of your book cover’s price. This is quite more than the 25-50% of what’s usually given to authors. Independent publishing companies offer more royalties, even more than the 100% which in turn gives you more ascendancy when you opt to self-publish instead.

#6 Definite timeline

Self-publishing allows the author to explore more options and to step out from the rigid timeframes given by editors and the publishing houses. Authors do not have to feel that charades with the publishing house or even the pressure when deadlines are there.

With self-publishing, you hold and define your own timeframe. Waiting time may be shortened and the whole process could be done in a jiffy. This allows you to see your book after a month or so and sell it on online platforms and also through offline stores like traditional bookstores and stands.

While you are maneuvering things, you hold everything. You control everything especially the timeframe of the book. Various tasks that include copywriting, editing and designing a book cover will be upon your hands and according to your timeframe without missing anything.

Choosing to self publish gives you ample freedom in writing and editing as well as the needed steps to be taken along the way.

#7 Personal anecdote

Some of the works by the authors are their personal anecdotes. The crowd follows people who are great storytellers. Almost every one of us follows various roads that would lead us to different doors in life.

In general, we leave footprints that most of the people do not even remember or seem to care at all. Publishing a book or magazine is one way of immortalizing your short stories and literary pieces that would touch the lives of various people.

According to a survey conducted by, authors write books for a variety of reasons: 11% to educate, 6% to influence, 15% to express themselves, 8% to pen down their imagination, 13% write because they have to, and 13% do in order to help others.

Self-publishing personal memoirs is another way to immortalize your work. This influences everyone in various ways that could impact so many people.

#8 Confidence to do it

The question you need to answer with self-publishing is:

Why wait for tomorrow when you can do it today?

The way things are, confidence has been playing a part with the entire scenario. As previously mentioned, when you are self-publishing a book, it allows you to have complete control of the process of publishing your book or magazine. The courage you have and the trust you have in your book is always a great motivation for you that would open opportunities for you.

#9 Honesty

Are the sales and royalty reports valid?  How can one prove the actual number of book sales? How can one prove the existence of a second set of financial books besides the ones available for public scrutiny?

These are questions that you begin to ponder on when your book has been sent to the publishing house to be circulated. In reality, these are tough questions to ask to your publishing house and to your accountant as well.

But with self-publishing, you are in control and you get to see personally all the reports and sales of your books. No need to feel awkward asking about royalties or even income reports.

#10 Doing it for the passion

Any author could have started writing as a hobby and later on, fell in love with the craft and eventually becoming his or her passion. Being passionate about something you do fuel you to write more stories and wisdom that would inspire others to their chosen paths.

Yet if you’re confused on what to pursue, here are some guide questions for you to find your passion:

  • When’s the last time you stoked that passion?
  • What interests you the most?

So, are you ready to self publish your work?

Feel free to share this to your friends who dream to self publish their own works.

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