26 Aspirations and Wishes
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The One with the 26 Aspirations and Wishes

The One with the 26 Aspirations and Wishes

26 aspirations and wishes for 2019 as I take on another chapter in my life. I personally don’t share much about my birthday or announce it but I like to share this part of myself. So now, I share my different aspirations and wishes for this year or the rest of my life.

What’s with this 26 aspirations and wishes?

As a human being in this world, a lot of aspirations and wishes pass through our minds. It affects our decisions and how we think. However, most of the time it’s the economy and the cost of living that affect most of our decisions.

Going through the adulting phase is hard as it entails different aspects. You think of bills, giving back to your parents, your future, and of course, your present. I cannot speak for all millennials but most from our generation got struck of the 20s crisis. It’s a phase that we think about so much right after graduating college but don’t know where to start at all. Previous generations had it easy, per se, but now, jobs require the experience of managers but pay even below minimum. Hence, people like me look for work that helps us develop our skills and also pay our worth.

The 26 aspirations and wishes

As I want things to be more organized, I’ll classify or categorize them accordingly. The following may seem goals as well.


  1. Furnish the condo and finish all the needed appliances or shelves.
  2. Hang more shelves for other paper stuff and books.
  3. Find the right plants that will survive the condo climate.
  4. Schedule a weekly cleaning (hiring a cleaning lady) or just clean twice a week.


  1. ††Be more active – walking Dakila more frequently.
  2. Practice self-care and self-love more through being consistent with the skin care routine. Also, resting on weekends.
  3. Keep the treasured friendships alive, at some point.
  4. Practice being more mindful about things and communicate more.
  5. Journal more.


  1. Try to travel with Sam even just outside Metro Manila. Either with Dakila or without.
  2. Aside from firing and archery, find something new to try out for the very first time.
  3. Binge watch more together and stay in. Avoid going out unless for a grocery run or just some errands. This way, both of us will be able to save.


  1. Invest more money using the Gcash feature.
  2. Save up more money than last year and try earn interest.
  3. Being more strict with groceries and setting a limit.
  4. Send and give back to the family as they supported me through my earlier years.


  1. Wishing Dakila a consultation with Dog Coach Francis and get recommendations. Check if he needs boarding school.
  2. I aspire to buy him a playpen or baby gate to let him roam around the condo even without supervision.


This is a bit tricky since most of my experience revolve around working freelance. Most corporate work consider the experience of a freelancer as something mediocre. That’s how I see it standing from a freelancer to tried going corporate. But resulting to going back to freelance once more. So some of my aspirations and wishes include the following.

  1. Private companies and even government offices try to consider freelancers as competitive in the field and skills.
  2. Develop more graphic design skills, social media management, and learn more about SEO.
  3. Earn more certifications or diplomas related to my skills. Some try out Hubspot or Skillshare or even Shaw Academy.
  4. If given a chance, try out working in an office setting once more. With the hope that things will turn out right this time.

For those in the corporate world, I don’t despise you. But, if you feel suffocated or restricted and not growing anymore, don’t be afraid to try something new. It’s how you’ll grow.

To say that one waits a lifetime for his soulmate to come around is a paradox. People eventually get sick of waiting, take a chance on someone, and by the art of commitment become soulmates, which takes a lifetime to perfect.

Criss Jami, Venus in Arms

Wishes for the country

I seldom post my stand about politics though I can be vocal on Twitter and my other social accounts. However, as a citizen in the Philippines, a lot of issues awaken a lot of us. So, for my dear Philippines and its citizens, here are my wishes for you.

  1. Find the way the promote going sustainable and eco-friendly.
  2. Inculcate the discipline that’s needed in every single one of us.
  3. I wish that majority of the voting population exercise their right to vote. Hoping they choose the right one and not vote just because they’re popular or have so many ads on television.
  4. Wishing people won’t be so stupid.

Age is just a number

As I flip through another chapter in this so-called life, I continuously learn through different things. From work, I learn another side of SEO, social media, and even a little thing called link building. Anyway, I’m 26 and it bothers me. A part of it comes from the 20s crisis wondering if I’m on the right track. It’s hard to say as I’m continuously figuring things out.

But, it’s hard to survive and sometimes, the only way out is through.

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I hope this inspires you at some point. That’s one of my aspirations as well! To continue guiding and inspiring people who encounter my blog.

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