A Guide to Buying Antique Jewellery at Affordable Prices

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If you are looking to buy some antique jewellery, but afraid you might pay more than you should, read this. Many people are understandably wary when purchasing jewellery, especially if it is listed as an antique. The best solution is to buy from a respected jeweller, who would never knowingly sell any item that is over-valued.

How to find the right antique jewellry for you?

Antique Diamond Engagement Rings

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If you are planning to propose to your partner, Kalmar Antiques has antique diamond rings for sale at affordable prices. Once they know your budget, the dealer can help you to find the perfect ring.

Remember to know her style of dress and jewellery. Ask the help of one of her friends. Then, you find out her ring size, which will definitely help. There are many styles to choose from. From the 1920s diamond engagement rings to an earlier period, such as Victorian or Edwardian, she choose a lot.

Dealing with an Online Antique Jewellery Specialist

Rather than spending the entire day looking in jewellery stores, a Google search leads you to a reputable online antique jewellery dealer. Once on their website, you view many fine examples of genuine antique and vintage jewellery.

Another great thing about using online antique jewellers, you easily compare prices of similar items. Hence, ensures that you don’t pay any more than the market price.

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Carry Out Some Online Research

There are many free online resources that will educate you regarding antique jewellery. If you know where to look for marks and hallmarks, you make an informed decision when it comes to buying antique and vintage jewellery.

The more you know about your preferred period and style, the less chance of buying an over-priced piece. Spending a few hours every week learning about every aspect of antique jewellery, you become an expert yourself.

Second Hand Shops

There could always be a bargain sitting in some second hand shop. Many collectors like to spend their free time driving around and seeing what is available. You feel surprised about the pieces of jewellry you find in the store. Make sure to bring a lot of patience on your regular visits. People sell contents of old property without checking the items.

Find a local antique jewellery dealer. Build up a working relationship with an expert. If you need a specific item, the dealer would be the best person to source any antique item. Tell him your budget. Use his network of other dealers to source any piece. That if he doesn’t already have what you are looking for.

A Guide to Buying Antique Jewellery at Affordable Prices
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The more knowledgeable you are about antique jewellery, the less chance of paying over the top prices. Dealing with a reputable antique jewellery expert, you can be sure that the items are, in fact, genuine antique jewellry.

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