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Scribble Lately: The Start

Scribble Lately: The Start

Another category coming up on the blog! It’s called Scribble Lately which would potentially discuss about something new related to scribbles.

The Start of Another Category: Scribble Lately

With most blogs, you would read about personal posts that would fall under the category, life lately. This time, I am starting with this blog series called Scribble Lately. My primary purpose for this blog series is to keep me going with calligraphy and the art.

There are times that I just want to stop everything and just pause. In connection to the creative prompts that I have been sharing here, I’d be posting some of my works related to the prompts that I shared. So that you’ll see that even I try to do the prompts. But as we all know, that is hard.

Consistency is key

This is what most people would say when it comes to starting something new. Some may find it quite easy to just keep going because they are excellent with time management. Yet for those who struggle like me, it’s quite a challenge to just keep up. Which is why, I made this as a motivation not only for myself but to everyone who passes by this blog.

Plus, it allows me to have a monthly progress keeper and checker to actually see if I have been practicing. One negative effect about not practicing at all is forgetting how to write. Muscles can be taught as some call it muscle memory; when not used, it could just forget everything it learned. It sucks, right?

So, this is my way of keeping myself going with the practice. Also, sharing that optimism with you to just practice until we get better!

Remember, let’s choose progress not perfection.

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What to expect with this blog series?

As I’ve said, I will definitely do my best to post scribbles I’ve done randomly every month. Yet, I will be doing my best to write more frequently than just once a month. Other than that, I will try to even do videos of how I practice. Weird, but I love doing time-lapse videos while scribbling down random stuff!

What I expect you to absorb?

I just wish that you would be able to try doing something that would eventually become a habit. Also, I hope I would be able to touch your lives by this simple gesture that would eventually become a part of your lives.

For those inclined in the creative industry, I aim to show my love and support to you in every way I can.

How to do it?

I might start next month and eventually do it monthly. I would scribble random stuff or those from the prompts every week and collate it into one post here. For starters, I could upload it first on Instagram and then just embed it here for easier navigation.

Is it okay to adapt this?

Oh yes! I am not saying that this series is exclusive to my blog. I’m just saying that this is something new here and that it’s somehow an idea from the things I see on the internet. Also, not claiming this is my original idea as it may have been done by another. But hopefully, this is something new for my blog that would eventually become a habit for me.

I’m looking forward that you would be able to do the same for your blog as well.

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