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What’s up December? | The Ber Haul

The Ber Haul

Gearing towards the last month of the Ber months, I share the haul I made towards the end of the year. Could one of it be a plot twist to 2017?

Life Lately: What’s up December? The Ber Haul

It’s the 12th month of the year and the climax of the Christmas season! It has been months since it started and through those months, I have bought myself a lot of stuff! Now, I have been trying to life a minimalist life but sometimes, it’s just damn hard. After watching that documentary on Netflix a few months back, I strived so hard to apply it to my life. I was able to but not to the maximum.

My mom is a hoarder and maybe that’s where I got it. Back in the day, their generation would stock up on pretty plates, utensils and even cups but when I imagined myself in her shoes. I couldn’t see myself doing that. I’m utterly content with just a simple plate ornamented with blue decor. But with her, there’s a specific kind of plate for visitors, common use and even for special occasions!

Now, I’ll be sharing the purchases I made and made sure that these items will be put to good use!

Disclaimer: The items that I listed here were bought using my own resources and it was not sponsored.

#1 Macbook case and skin from Coco and Toffee

The Ber Haul

Marble Skin + Crystal Case

I have always been on the hunt for a laptop case that is of good quality. It’s been a while since I bought something for an object. Usually, it’s always buying something for yourself or significant other or even family and relatives. This time, I opted to spoil my laptop by giving her a treat. My laptop is one of the tools that helps me continue working, creating and studying. All at the same time!

As much as possible, I do not like spending on things that will not last a long time. Frankly, I am not yet ready for a new gadget in case my laptop dies. So, my goal is to protect and take care of it since it’s a necessity for the path that I’m taking.

I have got friends who are using Apple products and I’ve asked them where do they buy their cases. From physical stores to online stores, I visited a lot just to find the right one for me. I am quite picky when it comes to accessories for my stuff.

Luckily, Veeyah recommended Coco and Toffee to me. Veeyah is a creative and a blogger that I’ve met through an online community. We got closer talking about our creative journeys and blogs; and I still haven’t met her in real life!

Why buy from Coco and Toffee?

They have a lot of choices!

You can choose from which gadget. It could either be an iPhone, iPad or for your Macbook. They have a wide variety of products.

  • Skins (similar to decals)
  • Cases (matte or glossy, with cut-out logo or not)
  • Keyboard guard
  • Wrist guard
  • Dust plugs

Since I have dust plugs, keyboard guards and wrist guard that are still functional. I opted to buy a skin and case for my laptop. The order process was very pleasant and the owner is very customer-friendly. I had some concerns with the payment and they were very accommodating about it.

Shipping was fast. The items will be shipped after the payment and I received it within 2-3 days and I’m staying in Metro Manila so there will be a difference if it will be shipped outside of MM.

The prices are just right and not too expensive and not that cheap. And of course, the quality of the items are impeccable! The skin is easy to apply, as long as you follow the steps properly. For the case, it is just as I hoped for. 💙

#2 Geometric LED Desk Lamp from Paper Blush

Geometric LED Desk Lamp from Paper Blush | The Ber Haul

Geometric LED Desk Lamp from Paper Blush

Every desk needs a lamp that will guide us to working properly. I work on my desk almost all the time and I hate it if it’s not well lighted. Personally, I like to see the entire desk when I work. Little as you know, I have three (3) lamps that help me accomplish my tasks.

However, this geometric desk lamp is one of my faves.

When boredom strikes me, this lamp entertains me through it’s foldable feature. I can transform it into almost any form that I like and for me, that amuses me. Aside from being foldable, it’s also a rechargeable and can work wireless. Even my mom got jealous and wanted this desk lamp too!

In case you’re wondering, I got this unique lamp from Paper Blush. I first encountered them on Instagram and then on Facebook up until I placed my order on their website. Of course, I asked them first on how “geometric” the desk lamp is and the wattage since it’s LED.

Why buy from Paper Blush?

To make it easier for you, I’ll share it in bullets.

  • They have a lot of products to offer! The choices span from instant cameras to desk accessories and even gadget accessories.
  • There are also stationery items like washi tapes, stickers, stencils and even a desk mat! I bought a desk mat alongside the geometric desk lamp and both are always on my desk to keep me productive almost all the time! There are times that I just feel like doing nothing. 🤣
  • Price is just right and reasonable. They offer a lot of choices on how to pay. It could be through credit card, money transfer like LBC payment or bank transfer/deposit.
  • Shipping is fast and it took only 1-2 days, if it’s in Metro Manila. If you’re ordering from the province, it takes around 3-5 days.
  • They are very accommodating!
  • For sponsorships, you could just send them an email for more information.

If you’ll ask me if I’ll buy from them again, of course! 💙

#3 DeepCool E-Golf Notebook Cooler

DeepCool E-Golf Notebook Cooler | The Ber Haul

DeepCool E-Golf Notebook Cooler

When you love to take care of your gadget, you really spoil it with other tools to prolong its life. This item is related with the first one. It’s for Macy also!

If you are puzzled on who Macy is, she is my laptop! We met last 2015 at the Switch store at Benilde Alumni Office at SDA bldg of De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde.

I got introduced to this product because of Sam. He bought a pair for his laptop and when I saw it, I was amused. It was nothing like the other cooling devices I see at malls or even at online malls. In short, I was jealous by how portable and minimalist it is. Then after a few days, I was on the way on buying it.

This is for sale on Lazada. Its price is really affordable and worth its quality. On the photo, the name has faded because it has also been months since I owned it.

Why should you buy this?

  • When you love your gadgets so much and want them to have a longer life, it is very helpful to own a cooling pad. It helps the internal cooling pad (inside the laptop) to cool the mechanisms there especially if you are a heavy user.
  • It soothes my¬†aesthetic feel. The item itself has a minimalist design and very easy to carry around especially I like to work and study at coworking spaces and cafes.
  • Price is very affordable! You can own one for just around Php 300! Roughly that’s less than $10!
  • Shipping is fast especially if you are within Metro Manila. Otherwise, if ordered from the province it would take around 3-7 days. If in case for international orders, I am not quite sure about it.
  • If in case you are looking for something like a stress ball, it could double as that also. But remember, its primary function is to help cool your laptop and not to take your stress away.

So that’s about it for this cooling golf ball! Does it convince you to buy one for yourself?


Don’t forget to click the page below for more items on my Ber haul! 💙

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