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Emerald City: Only on iFlix!

And so, iFlix did it again! Having a show that retells the story of the reimagined Wizard of Oz is really something to look forward to. So here’s more about Emerald City.…

February 28, 2017
Movies & Series

Train To Busan, Only on iFlix!

Last year, this movie shook may lives. Train To Busan has created a record that is so hard to surpass. If you watched this film, you’ll know definitely know what I’m saying.…

January 30, 2017

Share The Love This Christmas [GIVEAWAY]

Last year, I was a collaborator for a giveaway. Earlier this year, I was able to be one of the hosts for a month-long giveaway. This time, I will host a giveaway to give back the love I received from my readers and followers…

November 24, 2016