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Watercolor and Brush Pen

With the 17th post to this series, sharing my experiences and the tips and tricks I gathered while using watercolor and brush pen.…

July 14, 2016

Where To: Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are almost everywhere when it comes to calligraphy. Here are some remarkable tutorials found to be quite helpful.…

June 30, 2016

Where to Get Materials?

For the thirteenth post of this little series that I have been posting on this blog, I’ll be talking about where to get calligraphy materials and how much would they probably cost.…

April 14, 2016

Pointed Pen Calligraphy and Watercolor

Previously, I have been trying to practice using the brush and brush pen but I’m getting a hard time since I got used to using the dip pen. But as we all know, we must keep on learning and craving for more knowledge so…

March 2, 2016

Creating The Art Nook

Weeks have passed and I’m guilty of not updating this series that I started on this blog but here’s the latest update on my calligraphy journey.…

February 25, 2016

Trying Out Brush Calligraphy

For my latest adventure in calligraphy, I decided to try brush pen calligraphy. There’s a difference when it’s just brush calligraphy because it may mean that you are using a paint brush. So here’s my first encounter with the brush pen.…

January 28, 2016