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Why You Will Fall in Love with Zenfone Max Pro M2? + A Surprise!

What Do You Need to Know About Zenfone Max Pro M2

Smartphones revolutionized the way people play games nowadays. They use their phones to entertain them especially if they travel or commute to and fro work. Now, when you play games you want a phone that performs well and lasts longer than most phones. Maybe, it’s time for you to check Zenfone Max Pro M2. Let me tell you why.

What about Zenfone Max Pro M2?

Primarily, I did not know a phone like this ever existed. When a friend from Asus introduced this phone to me, I got amazed by its battery life! That’s the first thing I check when it comes to phones after its camera. As you see, most of us get disappointed with other smartphones because of its short battery life. Honestly, I wish some phones have the battery life of Nokia phones then (3210, 3310).

This phone forms part of the “Max” series brought by Asus. The series changed the way how most see smartphone batteries. With its large battery capacity, it could stay up for 35 days on standby. Well, that’s a win especially with the different smartphones popping up in the market almost every month.

Its camera allows you to capture portraits with captivating bokeh background. Frankly, bokeh gives me a big challenge especially if I have to do it with my camera (Nikon D90).

For more details about the technical aspects of the phone, kindly check their page.

Why you'll fall in love with the Zenfone Max Pro M2?
Just showcasing this pretty phone

Why did I fall in love with the Zenfone Max Pro M2?

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Asus Philippines. All opinions are mine.

Honestly, it was love at first sight and touch! When I first held the phone, I love how it is curved that fit perfectly my hand. Every time I use it, it feels great as it’s user-friendly and the overall interface makes it easy to navigate around.

But before giving all the details here, I’ll enumerate the top reasons why I fell in love with this phone. Surely, you will too! 😉

Wave texture

Now, just as I mentioned previously, its body is curved which makes it easier to hold wherever you go. The wave texture comes from the back portion of the phone which illustrates a pattern similar to a wave. Surely, this will remind you about the ocean and how calming it is.

With its curved body, it makes binge watching and gaming a whole lot easier! I tried playing with other phones however, it felt right to play with this phone. Not only of its long life but also how comfortable it is to operate. It fits perfectly in my hand which makes it easier to play and navigate through the game. Some games require both hands to operate the controls. With this phone, playing action games or PvP games feels a whole lot easier.

Story time

When you play mobile games with Zenfone Max Pro M2, you play for a very long time
Playing PUBG Mobile

I tried playing PUBG mobile with Sam’s brother last weekend. We ended up playing for hours. As you see, playing games create a bonding activity for like-minded people and for those who like mobile games in general. Honestly, one of the factors that made me play for so long was the phone allowed me to do so. With its wave texture and curved body, you’ll never let of go of the phone ever again!

Let’s put it this way, if you find yourself turning clingy to your partner. You’ll get clingy to this phone also. Its stunning curved body makes it hard to resist!

Powerful battery

As I shared, this phone boasts a strong 5000 mAh that lasts for more than a month on standby. For someone who always uses her phone, this is something that really appeals to me. Working from remote with social media and content creation, I need a mobile that lasts longer than most phones.

My line of work needs me to post different content on different days and timezones within a week. It makes me stay up late so I can post real time according to the details given. The previous phones I used did not last for more than a day with heavy internet usage (data or WiFi). When I encountered this phone, I was able to do my postings on time and accomplish remote work conveniently than I used to.

To those who work remotely, I suggest that you find your way to owning a Zenfone Max Pro M2. Not only it lasts a long time, but it also makes your life more lively!

All-screen display

Before smartphones changed the world, we used to have tiny phones with tiny screens. Some of those old models limited what we read and see. However, with this phone, you see a whole lot more. With its 6.3 inch all-screen display, you get to read more and watch more than ever.

Anyone who loves to read through their mobile will surely love this phone! Aside from seeing more, you also have a wider screen. Perfect for every binge watching session you have!

Other notable things

Aside from the top three (3) qualities that it possesses, I share these other features that seem enticing.

  • Most Android phones contain a sim tray catering to two (2) sim cards. This phone has a tray dedicated to two (2) sim cards and a separate slot for the memory card. Other phones just have two and you’d choose either a 2nd sim card or a memory card (up to 2TB). Now, you can use all three (3) at once!
  • Its camera is powerful also just like other Zenfone units. With its AI camera, it detects 13 scenes and subjects. Enhancing photos becomes easy as it provides you different filters to choose from.
  • On the technical side, it uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 SoC which ensures optimized performance and battery efficiency.
  • You choose between two colors: Cosmic Titanium or Midnight Blue.


Price always influences our decisions especially when everything costs more than ever. The Zenfone Max Pro M2 ensure that you get the worth of your money with its features.

  • 4GB/64GB (Midnight Blue) @ PHP 12,995 on Lazada and Shopee
  • 6GB/64GB (Midnight Blue, Cosmic Titanium) @ PHP 14,995 in ASUS Concept Stores/Kiosks and accredited multi-brand partners

Overall thoughts

This phone proved to be one of the most powerful smartphones in the market. Boasting its powerful battery that allows you to watch videos longer than ever, it surely is worth the price. Honestly, I really love this phone as it just fits and satisfies my needs very well!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Asus Philippines. All opinions are mine.

But wait! There’s more!

So, I collaborated with Asus PH for this giveaway which is very timely. Summer has arrived and now, people travel to places to relax, unwind, and just be themselves.

One way to enjoy the trip is to have the right things to bring. With the scorching sun, avoid getting dehydrated by always drinking lots of water. Avoid losing your phone when you get yourself a mobile ring. Lastly, store all your valuables in a travel pouch.

So long story short, we’re giving away a travel kit!!!

Travel with the Zenfone Max Pro M2Travel with Asus Zenfone Max Pro M2

Now, the kit includes:

  • An organizer pouch
  • Zenfone tumbler
  • Mobile ring

Aside from those, I’m throwing in a poster from Maarteng Letra and a surprise goodie for the winner!

How to join?

  1. Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question:
    What will make your summer unforgettable?
  2. Don’t forget to include your:
  • Name*
  • Email**
  • Any social profile (link either your Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc.)**

    * – mandatory
    ** – either one will do

Earn bonus entries

  1. Use one of the photos above and create a post on Facebook / Twitter answering this:
    Where will you go this summer with the travel kit?
  2. Include the hashtag: #MQxAsusPH. Make sure to make your post public so we can see it!
  3. You can mention @mariaisquixotic and @AsusPH in your posts!

Terms and conditions:

  1. Giveaway opens tonight (March 26, 2019), 8PM and ends by 8PM on April 21, 2019.
  2. Comments left on this blog post lacking your name, email or social profile renders the entry invalid.
  3. Only 1 comment per person is allowed.
  4. For the bonus entries, 1 tweet / 1 post = 1 entry.
  5. Announcement of winners will be done through my social accounts. I’ll be posting it on my Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram stories.

Why you will fall in love with Zenfone Max Pro M2?
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    April 17, 2019 at 7:45 PM

    I think doing something unusual, extreme and fun together with my best buds would make my summer 2019 unforgettable 😀

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    Hi! I am looking forward to this summer because we will be celebrating our town fiesta and we will reunite once again with our relatives. Of course, the moment is not complete without foods, drinks, and pictures that will remind us of the happy days we’ve been together. XoXo.

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    my summer is is worth remembering because I got a chance to see BTS live in HK last March.

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    The thing that will make my summer unforgettable is when I can get a day off, go to some place far away from home, and just relax and eat

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