What to Blog About Next? Blogging Prompts #6

What to blog about next?

What to blog about next? This is one of the harder questions when it comes to blogging. We may lose ideas on what to write about next.

The Next Blogging Prompts

Today, we get confused and lost on how to continue blogging if almost all the kinds of content are live on the internet. Some do stunts that are way impossible even for a human being. People do these kinds of things because they have no idea what to do next.

Sometimes, I am part of those people. I ponder on what will I blog about after finishing this. Then, I wonder if it will create an impact on the readers or people who stumble upon my blog. It appears that I think of negative things but it is the reality that we are in.

One of the ways to survive this hump is to look at other ideas or prompts from other people. This way, you get to see how they think or be in their shoes for a short while. It’s a little weird for some to give or share ideas but for the good of all, it’s a way of helping another blogger.

Are you ready to see the prompts? 😃

#1 Dream Vacation

What to blog about next? Dream Vacation

Every person has their own imagination of their dream destination.

Some want a grand vacation to a luxurious location. Others just want a staycation in some hotel or resort nearby.

Nevertheless, every one of us has their own preferences. That could be in your future blog post! Talk about where you want to be, how you want it to be or even who do you want to be with when the day comes.

Moreover, some would even list down a number of places for their dream vacation. That is okay. Why? We are all different. If something works for you, it might not for the other.

Just remember, as long as you are having fun writing your dream vacation, that is great!

Now, if you come across this blog post, don’t forget to tell me how it was or if this inspired you to write about your own dream vacation. Can’t wait to see it!

#2 Superpower You Want to Have

What to blog about next? Super Power that You Want to Have

Darna in action. Photo by Trixie Dauz.

For a child, it is common to have a dream of having your own superpower (or powers). The cooler the would-be superpower, the cooler you are as a child. Other kids tease other children for having a minor would-be superpower. However, it is all in the imagination of the child.

Now, if you still remember your cool superpower, it would be a great thing to share on your blog. It will give your readers another personal look at the blogger. Sharing little bits of your life is also great as it proves that there’s a real person behind the website or blog.

#3 Favorite Travel Buddy


Finding your own travel buddy is something very great especially if they also like how you do it. I see some travel bloggers with their partners as their travel buddy and it is so damn great! Sometimes, I feel that they are very lucky to meet someone who shares the same interested.

On the other hand, my SO and I have done some traveling on our own too. It was such an adventure and frankly, he’s my favorite travel buddy.

Here, you can share how you met them or where you met each other. It all depends on what do you want us to know about your favorite travel buddy.

Remember, it is best to not exaggerate so many things and just stick to the facts.

#4 Struggles Related to Work

Every person has their own struggles when it comes to their line of work. Some put their life on the line in order to accomplish their tasks at hand. Kudos to the linemen who climb up posts similar to towers and fortresses just so we could have decent mobile reception or electricity.

Now, think of the struggles you have when it comes to working. It could be about commuting to and fro the office. Also, it could include the long lines when it comes to buying supplies or food for lunch.

Others may share the personal struggles they have like they are easily distracted by food.

Also, don’t every drop names. Don’t ask why just do it! It’s for your own good!

#5 Happiest Day of the Week

This is one of the trickiest things to share. Which is the happiest day of the week for you?

Back in college, I would instantly say Thursdays! As La Sallians – Benildeans, we have this thing called “Happy Thursday” which would mean the happiest day of the week!

Although now, it has been automatically connected to drinking and partying because others have adapted to the culture that the green blooded people have. I have nothing against it but it’s not just about the partying and the drinking.

It’s about celebrating the end of the week and that students are free from the shackles of academics. We have the time to relax and calm down.

How about you? What is your happiest day?

Don’t forget to share why you love this day, what this day means to you, and how do you usually celebrate it.

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Blogging Prompts #6 

Now, the question is.

Which one will you be blogging about next? 😃


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  • Maria Teresa Dumadag
    August 8, 2018 at 12:04 PM

    I like the prompt about the happiest day of the week. My happiest day of the week varies from week to week. Last week, it was Saturday. We visited my mom to celebrate her birthday. I also guested in a radio show.

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