The Intern

This will be about my insights / realizations about the movie The Intern. I just recently watched it and it has been shown in cinemas way back September 2015.

The Intern

Robert De Niro’s character is Ben Whittaker who is retired after working for a phonebook company for so long. He is a widower and stumbles upon an ad for a senior intern program at About The Fit. About The Fit is an online fashion site founded by Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway) who seemingly has a lot on her plate.

Juggling work and personal life have been a tedious thing to do and priorities must be set. Goals must be met in order to gain progress in the paths you chose.

In the movie, I admire how Jules would balance her time between her family and her work since she’s the founder and CEO of About The Fit. Since I am taking my post-grad and thinking of working soon, it is a challenge to be both working and studying.

My favorite thing about Ben is that even though he’s retired and practically has nothing much to do, I admire his drive to still keep learning and adjusting to the current state of society. He learned what Facebook is and what social media is. He even began dating of some sort and taught the younger generations to power dress when going to work and the basics of being a gentleman, which has been pretty much ignored.

[bctt tweet=”In relationships, anyone can be in a relationship. Age does not really matter! ” username=”Mariaisquixotic”]

Here’s what I’ve learned from the movie:
  • Age doesn’t matter when it comes to acquiring knowledge. No matter how old you are, if you have the drive to learn, you will most definitely learn!
  • Even if you have reached the top, you must not stop appreciating and thanking all those who helped you reach the top.
  • Your family is always there and will never let you down. Surely there will be some rocky roads and some sticky situations in which you must resolve as a family.
  • In decision-making, always weigh the pros and cons of a certain matter. Never be quick to judge and render a decision without studying the facts and its probable solutions.
  • For the gentlemen, always have a hanky in your pockets! You’ll never know when someone will need it!
  • Having older friends (way older than you) is never a bad thing. It is also a way to learn from their experience and to motivate yourself that if they reached the top, you can too!
  • Never fail to check if to whom are you sending your messages. Missent messages are always the bummer!
  • In relationships, anyone can be in a relationship. Age does not really matter!
So, that’s the list of what I have realized or learned through the movie. Sometimes, I think if companies here in the Philippines would have a program like that although it may seem to be quite impossible.

So how about you? What do you think about this film?

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