Sosro? SOSRO-maryosep!

March 9, 2016

Just last Thursday, Sosro Fruit Tea was launched here in the Philippines. They held the event at the Palace Pool Club and introduced their newest brand ambassador!

Sosro Fruit Tea

With today’s setting, almost anything can be a trend. From chokers, accessories to bags and to drinks! We all remember that time when milk tea was what everyone was literally drinking or holding all the time up until some post spread out that it contains more calories than other foods or drinks then it went low profile then bottled teas rose back again.
 Today’s weather lets us feel hot and just want to chill some place else and our constant buddy would be some cold drink on a hot day. How’d you feel if a drink would let you taste the chill and just freeze?

Knowing Sosro

Last October 2015, an event called Blogapalooza happened and it was my first time to know of Sosro Fruit Tea. Of course, one of the perks was to try it for the very first time! When I received my free sample, I got guava. At first, I was bit worried and reluctant because I was already wondering on what will it taste like but lo and behold! When I started to sip, I just could not stop! It was really good and yummy! After consuming it, I was beginning to wonder where could I buy but I did not able to see it in stores near our place nor the groceries we go to.
Want a bucket of Sosro?
Luckily, I was invited to its launching here in the Philippines! Sosro Fruit Tea is originally from Indonesia and was brought here by Reddimart Multi-resources Inc. in 2015. It has been quite known for the real fruit flavor and authentic tea goodness. Sosro Fuit Tea has been a staple drink for tea lovers / enthusiasts whenever they would chill or bond with friends or family.
  • Freeze – which gives a chilly sensation a bit after taking a drink or even a sip which will instantaneously calm us down during the summer heat
  • Apple
  • Strawberry
  • Guava – personally, my favorite!

What’s Sosro?

Sosro Fruit Tea has established itself as the chill fruit tea drink last year, this 2016 they have a campaign called #TasteTheChill which encourages drinkers and enthusiasts to stay chill both figuratively and literally with their hero-product, Sosro Fruit Tea Freeze.
The brand itself represents the cool and collected millennial who knows how to effortlessly mix work and play. With its versatile blend of Strawberry and Grape plus its one-of-a-kind icy sensation, Freeze is the perfect drink for staying cool.
The campaign urges its patrons (affectionately termed “chillmates”) to have a bottle of Freeze and let its enjoyable and refreshing icy taste invigorate them.
Who could be the wonderful brand ambassador?
Theme for the launch was ‘Warm Summer Nights’ because indeed, summer is coming. It was meant to emulate the balmy summer nights and the launch was a multi-sensory experience that featured music, decor and laser lights to stimulate the senses – just like Sosro Fruit Tea.
The event was hosted by the lovely Joyce Pring and Up Dharma Down played! To be honest, the venue seemed like it became Elsa’s wonderland. It was chilly and the lights became blue which added to chill feeling. It was complete with snow and chill spots.
Reddimart President Jerbie Ong
And the big reveal if who is Sosro Fruit Tea’s newest celebrity brand ambassador:

Sosro’s Celebrity Brand Ambassador

There was a production number before the big reveal. I was even guessing on who could it be and was consulting with fellow blogger, Joy (of Joyrney To Life). We agreed that it was indeed Sofia Andres, and we were right!
President Ong, Sofia Andres and Joyce Pring
When asked why she agreed to work with Sosro Fruit Tea, she agreed that it was indeed made with real fruit juices and authentic tea that will surely bring lots of people to chill and beat the summer heat!
Sofia Andres, the newest celebrity brand ambassador of Sosro Fruit Tea
Similar to Freeze, Sofia is the perfect chillmate with her cool and fun-loving attitude. She will be featured on billboards that will showcase her in her Ice Goddess garb encouraging chillmates to #TasteTheChill themselves!
UDD on stage!
Sofia with President Ong

Let’s chill and drink Sosro Fruit Tea!

Disclaimer: Some photos are mine, some are from the event organizers.

About Sosro Fruit Tea
Created in 1997 by Indonesia’s Sinar Sosro—pioneers of the world’s first bottled ready-to-drink tea—Sosro Fruit Tea finally reaches the Philippine shores via Reddimart Multi-Resources Inc. The number 1 manufacturer of tea drink in Indonesia, Sosro Fruit Tea’s invigorating flavors are now chilling at SM Hypermarkets, Landmark, Sta. Lucia Grocery, Tropical Hut, Hi-Top Supermarket, Walter Mart, Pioneer Center, and other leading supermarkets. Know more about Sosro and other exciting treats from Reddimart by visiting their site.

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