How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

How to Use Social Media for Recruitment

Social media has become a powerful tool for everyone. It allows its users to maximize the use of these social networks to find candidates that would be a good fit for the position and the company. Not only that, but one of the most common benefits of using social media for recruitment is that it is free and that anyone can use and have access to it.

Can you successfully use social media for your company’s recruitment?

LinkedIn and Facebook are the two biggest networks used for finding candidates that most recruiters have been using for a while. Of course, this is aside from the job searching platforms such as Monster. These are being used by people almost every day and even through their mobile phones. For them, it makes job hunting easier. The same could be said for recruiters.

#1 Using LinkedIn

As applicants know, having a professional profile on a website like LinkedIn is very advantageous and helpful to their application process. Not only that it lets the applicant put in their experiences and the educational background, but it also lets the user connect with companies.

There’s a feature in LinkedIn wherein it would allow the user to make use of job credits which would cost for $195 for a month (30 days) and this would feature your profile and conduct a premium search. Recruiters would be able to see your profiles for free but there is a LinkedIn Talent Advantage wherein it lets the recruiters post job ads or access premium features like free resources.

From the various connections that users can find, this can bring you closer to the recruiters and even to the company itself. Plus, it could be a way of connecting with the people you are really connected with or friends with.

The easiest way of finding candidates on LinkedIn is posting about it. Other than that, you can also join niche groups about the industry you are in or the client that you have. Then, of course, do not forget to include contact details as it is very helpful for the applicant to proceed.

One of the notable features of LinkedIn is that you can see endorsements which could pertain to their skills and even strength or weaknesses. Moreover, it could also show how many endorsements they have from their former and current colleagues or even their managers.

For small businesses, it could also help in making recruitment easier.

#2 Facebook

One of the biggest social networks out there can also be used for recruitment. Facebook allows the creation of groups and pages focused on mainly recruiting. It could also be a page for the company that occasionally posts job vacancies.

Some of the features that Facebook has Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Pages, and Facebook Ad.

With Marketplace, it allows users to post free and would just require some basic information. From the title to the category and location, of course, there are some details required such as the job description, job title and the photo with a summary of the job vacancy.

On the other hand, Pages is another free feature within Facebook. It allows every user to create a public profile that enables anyone to share the business or company itself. Alongside, it helps with finding clients and even potential candidates.

Lastly, Facebook Ad allows the users (recruiters and applicants alike) to find results without posting so much. This is rivals with Google Adwords and Yahoo Advertising. This feature allows you to pick the audience, choose the audience’s demographics and keywords that are related to the position.

After which, Facebook shall show how many users are included in the specific criteria. The creator will have the option to choose between pay per click. PPC – which pertains to how many clicked the job ad. Pay per impression pertains to how many people actually saw your ad. You choose the amount you are willing to pay and how long will the ad run.

These help employers and companies find candidates for the job vacancies that they have. So let us know through the comments if there are other social networks that you use to find candidates!

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