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Favorite Fridays 7

This is the seventh entry of Favorite Fridays. If not for Joy of Paperless Panda, this serious would not be born into this blog. She was really pushing me to start this weeks ago and now, we’re onto the seventh post! Yay!

Go-To Sneakers

It’s from Zalora PH!

This was bought months ago at Zalora PH. I was really looking for a good pair of slip-on sneakers that could be matched to any outfit or color that I was going to wear. Luckily, these did not have any black color so I opted to pick the white ones.

It also came with other colors:

All items can be found here. Right now, the items are on sale so if you want to buy go to their site and use the code ZBAPJGD to avail 15% off!

The reasons behind my purchase of this wonderful white sneakers:
  • Price – it was not that expensive.
  • Brand – trust has been placed to Zalora and they have never failed me when it comes to the items and the orders. They have been true to their word when it comes to the schedule placed on their site.
  • Color
  • Size
  • It’s easy to wear!
  • Basically, it could go with whatever you wear!

The challenge that I have placed on myself is how to keep it clean and always presentable. Truth is, I did not. I let it be dirtied by numerous external forces such as the rain, mud and spills and other stuff. I was not really a fan of white shoes that never seem to get dirty at all. I like it with dirt on it.

It’s dirty, I know.

This is categorized under the basics since it was sort of a necessity or would comprise a basic outfit that any person would be able to wear. With Zalora Basics, there is a promo that if you buy two items from the brand or collection, you would be able to get 20% off on all the items you purchase under the collection. Isn’t it amazing?

Not only that but also if you were lucky enough to have a coupon to use, additional discount would be given to you!

And there’s a collection for the men also!

Sneakers for men

Sam has one pair of that too!

Irrelevant to this but might as well share it, some people would like their stuff dirtied so it won’t be thought of as a phony yet some like it clean. I really don’t know which is better but personally, I like it dirty (referring to sneakers and rubber shoes). With other types of footwear, I act differently and treat those differently.

People say that owning good pair of footwear may take you to good places and let you explore good places also. Well for me, as long as that pair does not break while you are having a good time, it’s a good pair! I’d say, this pair had been taking me to good places already!


How about you guys? What’s your fave pair? 😊

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