Relationship Goals

What is a relationship goal? What does it take to have a relationship goal? Is it just bandwagoning to post something about relationship goals? This is just merely pouring out my thoughts on the so-called relationship goals.

Relationship Goals

For some, posting about your accomplishments of your own to-do list or bucket list or wish list could somehow annoying but it seems that it really depends on your audience on how will they respond. If you will post whatever you do, whenever you do it, it may seem to be quite annoying. Some are too showy yet some just want privacy.

I just want the best of both. You see me posting about our adventures even though it’s just within the country and even just when we’re pigging out but for what reason? It’s not about bragging that we’re doing this and that. It simply means that we’re happy. We abhor posting almost everything down to the arguments we had. We post to have memories to look back to.

With my closest friends who belong to the younger generations, they think that we are “relationship goals” or rather the things we do or how we belong to that. We just laugh at them because we don’t even see that those are worthy to be called relationship goals. Some would tease us that there is no forever which we believe that it’s true! (You may find that weird that a couple would agree that there’s no forever.)

Photos: Those were taken in Paco Park when we had our Rizal Adventure.

To me, relationship goals are like those bucket list or wish list or to-do list that you would want to do or have with your partner. It’s having goals that you want to accomplish together. We have individual goals in mind but it’s quite different when you set goals as a couple. And that, is how I interpret relationship goals.

Personally, it’s the little things that make us kilig all over. With the kilig mentioned, here’s a kilig moment that happened weeks ago. See this. I just hope I won’t bore you to death with that.

When in Tagaytay
When in Legazpi
So ideally, here are things we have accomplished together:
  • Travel together to my province
  • Go on a museum adventure! [x]
  • Go to Art in Island and have crazy photos! (We were with mom and tita then) [x]
  • Eat pizza every month (This has a long history!)
  • Just stay in and binge-watch or marathon some movies.
  • Cook food for each other. [x]
  • Support him in his games as he supports me with my endeavours.
  • Push each other to do good in our studies / careers.

The list goes on and on. Believe me, those are just some of the things we did together as a couple. Of course, there should be room for your personal growth and you should grow together and not apart because problems may root from there.

Here are some of my realizations through our adventures and misadventures:
  • Give and take, always.
  • Learn to listen and hear each other.
  • Be careful with the words you utter even if you are frank.
  • Respect each other.
  • You need time with your friends as well.
  • No calamity can destroy you as long as you fight for what you have!

I really do not know what relevance of this post to your lives but I hope I shared something that could help you.

Some of our photos:
When in Tagaytay

Always remember,

It takes two to make a relationship work. ❤️

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  • Reply
    Dominic Barrios
    October 14, 2016 at 1:24 AM

    Since I am into weddings and we’ve been blogging about it, I came across this blog post of yours because it made me curious. You mentioned about relationship goals and you also believe that there is no forever. Why not make it a #relationshipgoal to decide and commit to forever? Then there will be forever. Besides, as you wrote in your parting line: It takes two to make a relationship work.

    • Reply
      October 14, 2016 at 1:28 AM

      I think of forever as being with the person every step of the way not the usual kind of forever. It’s more of being there always; dwelling more on the present and enjoying it than to think and preoccupy of yourself with the future that is way ahead you. 🙂

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