Creative Prompts for your Practice #1

Prompts and Ideas for your Practice

How does a creative person defeat those blocks? Mostly would say to continue creating. So, here are some prompts and ideas that would help you!

Creative Prompts and Ideas for your Practice

Some of us struggle with life just to be creative. While others are creative by nature yet struggle to continue the creative life. In the end, we get lost on how to continue practicing or creating and just stay lost.

On my other blog, I created a post called blogging ideas too. Here, I’m creating the same but it will be leaning on the creative side.

I have experienced how it feels to be creative but somehow losing the touch when it comes to actually creating. It saddens me because it’s a challenge most of us face. There is also a need to survive and pass this phase. To be honest, I don’t know if I will be able to share this properly without losing you along the way.

So, without further ado. Here’s the list of prompts and ideas you may use when you practice.

#1 Monday Motivation

Basically, this means what pushes you to go through Monday. You may write, illustrate or capture your Monday inspiration. Or, it could be a motivational quote that drives you to just keep on going.

What I did before was something like this:

To guide you with this, you may ask yourself this:

What keeps you going?

#2 Tuesday Blues

It’s just the second day of the week and you are already wondering what you’ll be doing during the weekend. Some do feel dragging themselves to work but it’s always good to remember why you started doing it in the first place.

If I were to scribble or create something with this idea, it would be something like these:

La dolce vita means “the sweet life.” Be brave is a personal mantra of mine that always push me towards my goals.

#3 Wednesday Hump Day

It is the third day of the week. Everyone is just counting the days until the weekend comes. How do you feel about this hump day?

Some even interpret it with someone on a hump of a camel. At least, that’s what I saw with Bitmoji.

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Here are some inspirational works that may guide you to creating your own.

#4 Happy Thursday

Just one more day before Friday and are you ready for the weekend?

Most would already think of the activities that they will be doing. Students from DLSU and CSB know how glorious Thursday is. I, too, felt that Happy Thursday vibe. For some, it would the glorious day wherein they would drink as if there’s no tomorrow!

But for others, we rejoice because we did not have classes the following day. Hence, making it a long weekend every week. Up until the school calendar changed.

#5 Friday Hooray

What other reason do you have in celebrating Friday?

It’s time to be merry and happy because the weekend is here!

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So now, how are you going to create your own artworks?

Don’t forget to tag me or show me your works if in case you were influenced by this post. I would love to see, read, and admire your lovely works! 💙

Here’s to more creating! ✨

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    September 26, 2017 at 12:11 AM

    I have always said that for the creatives to be creative and to put that creativity into creating something that is truly creative, one needs emotion. Regardless if one was having a bad day, a horrible day, or a fantastic day, it does not matter which emotion so as long as there is one or two. Hence, it comes as no surprise to me to see your tips having one thing in common – emotion.

    One attitude to be able to keep the creative juices flowing is to use emotion to channel the energy into works of art, be it artwork or in my case, writing.

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