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Scribble Lately: Creating These Pastel Posters

Pastel Posters

Scribble Lately is a blog post series I made to track my latest calligraphy scribbles. Today’s blog post is about pastel posters.

What did I scribble lately?

If you noticed, I migrated my scribbles subdomain blog to my main blog. Why? It’s simple. I got tired of writing on a different WordPress login every single time I would want to blog.

Before, I told myself that I want to segregate things and separate my creative journey from the main blog. Now, I felt that the blog lost something important. It wasn’t itself without the creative and artsy posts. So in a snap, I migrated them into this. The only thing separated from the blog is the shop!


It took me a while before I got used to digitizing my works. To those who might be new here, I usually practice calligraphy traditionally. I grab my favorite brush pen and my journal and start scribbling.

What I do next is I take a very good photo of it. Before, I use my Nikon D90 or my iPhone for the photos. I create a mini-studio in my flat whenever I need to take photos.

But now, I just use my Huawei Mate 10. It auto-detects the environment and the elements you are trying to photograph.

After transferring the photo to my laptop, I open Adobe Illustrator and do the necessary processes.


When I finish manipulating the photo on Adobe Illustrator, that’s the time that I edit it further on Adobe Photoshop. Some say that my process is very long and tiring but it works for me. And since it works for me, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

So, now, when it’s on Photoshop, that’s the time I incorporate photos. The photos I use are usually the photos I capture whenever I can. By the time is right, I post it on my Instagram.

The Pastel Posters

I took the time of finding some puns and icons that would help the audience understand what they are. This is the time that I wish I am good at illustrating or even doodling. Unfortunately, I was not given talent in that aspect.

Hope you enjoy it!

Camille Greta

Icon credits to their respective owners and creators. I incorporated them to help the audience understand the puns better.

I’ll update this post as I add more.

But, I’m adding two more pastel posters!

Tin Maria



So, what do you think? Are they punny enough?

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