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Favorite Fridays 13

This series went through an unexpected hiatus since last December, just before the holidays. I wanted to focus on spending some quality with my family and my babies dogs, but I consider them my babies. Seriously. As you all know, this series will not be born if not for the wondrous efforts of Joy who blogs over at Paperless Panda. She really pushed me to create this and to blog about my favorite things.

Oxford Heels

To be honest, I am quite running out of favorite things to write about up until I looked at my stuff-to-go. I was packing my stuff for the move and then I realized I had so many. So to give honor to those who are not with me anymore in the new place, I will try my best to write about them and to tell how it was with them.

For this week’s post, it will be about my Oxford heels.

Disclaimer: Not the exact photo of what I have. I wasn’t able to take a photo of it.

Amalia Lace Up by M & G

I bought this around two years ago and just was able to use this just once and I really do feel bad that I have to let it go. I remember using it during my application and interview for my internship and it felt like it was my lucky charm since I was accepted for it. Owning a pair like this makes me feel that I’m one of those girls who live in another continent that would usually strut through the streets and I do even imagine myself like Dorothy from Wizard of Oz.

The one in the photo is not exactly like the one I have. I was not able to take a photo of it because I realized that I will write about it when I gave it away so I tried looking for it in the Zalora site but it was not there anymore. Hence, I just looked for the pair that almost looks like it. I do apologize for it.

This one is from M & G and its name is Amalia Lace Up. The price is not that cheap and not that expensive as well.

You can look at the details here. The colors are maroon, yellow and black.

This kind of oxfords remind me of another era, particularly the 1940s to 1950s and I am really drawn to those eras because no matter how you look, you are still accepted except of course for the racism then (which I am totally against too).




This may not be the exact post that I have in mind but it was fun sharing a favorite even though it feels like a throwback!

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