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Favorite Fridays 6

This is the sixth entry for the so-called Favorite Fridays series on this blog. It was a product of Joy, of Paperless Panda, pushing me to do this series of posts regarding my favorite stuff. If not for her and her patience, this will not be born into this blog. I just hope, I won’t bore you to death!

Nikon D90

This week’s entry would be about my digital single-lens reflex camera, my Nikon D90 and because it’s my only DSLR.

This baby has been with me since June 2010. It became mine as a brat’s dream to gain some skills with photography. After learning some tutorials online, I was able to learn some of the basic things you know when you’re new into photography.

One of the few things that I was able to pick up fast was the aperture and shutter inverse proportionality. Just like in Math, aperture and shutter were inversely proportional with each other. With that in mind, I was able to adjust aperture easier. Of course, if I get lazy, there’s always the automatic which I really avoid using as much as possible.

Where did we get it?

This camera was bought in a shop in Hidalgo St in Quiapo area. I know some of you may think that I risked my life in buying the camera. I may have to agree but if you are just alert and quick to react then you’ll be able to survive shopping there.

(c) Google Images

It was one sunny Sunday in June 2010 when we went to the notorious Hidalgo streets. I was together with my mom, tita and a cousin when we decided to walk along the street. We saw different shops having lots and lots of cameras. I was really eyeing on Nikon D3100 or D5000 but they told me, it would be best if I had the D90. I did not anymore object to that since it was a late birthday present.

So just an update about the current events in my life, I am currently taking an online course for photography and nearly finished. I just hope I’d be able to apply it soon. The classes are with Shaw Academy.

The only accessories the camera has are:
  • Zoom lens (55-200mm)
  • UV filter
  • extra battery
  • tripod
  • 8gb memory card
  • strap

Yet on the camera wish list:

  • speed lite
  • wide-angle lens
What I love about this camera:
  • The quality of the photos when you capture it.
  • Durability – Its body is made of magnesium alloy.
  • Usability – very user-friendly / and a kind of lens may be used by different camera models.
  • Accessibility – There are shops (online or not) that do sell accessories for the camera.
  • The battery lasts a while!
Some things that I dislike about it:
  • Weight – since it’s made of magnesium alloy, expect that it’s really heavy.
Stop or I’ll shoot!

I guess that’s it for this week’s entry. I hope I did not bore you!

P.S. Photos are mine unless stated otherwise.


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