So, what can you expect in the newsletters?

  • Life updates
  • What I’ve been doing (watching, working on, studying, etc.)
  • Things that I’m geeking or nerding about
  • Some freebies may not come as often because crafting something you’ll like will take time. 😊
  • Recommended reads or series/movies to watch
  • Random musings in life
  • Mental health journey
  • A glimpse of raising a Mini Bull Terrier in the city

Nevertheless, I assure you that we won’t spam your inbox with annoying newsletters. I may write more than one monthly newsletter; that depends on the mood and if I feel it will be worth sharing.

You’ll also see Dakila somewhere in our newsletters. We usually send it weekly/monthly.

Please let us know if you feel it’s not for you. We appreciate your feedback! ✨