New Year’s Blogging Prompts #4

January 5, 2018

New Year's Blogging Prompts

The new year is here and people are struggling with their goals and aspirations for the rest of the year. With all the prompts out there, will this new list encourage you to continue writing? Here are some new prompts for you!

New Year’s Blogging Prompts #4

A new year has come and yet we are faced with another adventure. Most of us feel lost at times with how to maneuver and lead our lives let alone our projects or blogs. Like I said before, this series aims to share ideas and prompts that would help bloggers and other creatives out there. We all struggle with finding ideas and stories to share to our readers and followers.

Now, this is my way of helping everyone with that struggle!

Luckily, I’m so happy that this is the fourth batch of prompts that I’ll be able to share with you! Most of the ideas are just random thoughts that pass by my mind. Some of those ideas are challenging for me to share something about so here I am, passing it on to you.

Just as the book, Big Magic, shared that ideas come and go especially if you do not act on it. So, without further ado, here’s the fourth batch of prompts!

#1 Movies you dislike

There are times that we watch so many movies and we cannot stop from loving everything. However, there are always those movies that do not seem to fully captivate us. We end up feeling meh or neutral about it, neither happy nor sad.

When you create a blog post highlighting this, you can share your most personal thoughts on why you dislike the move or even a show! That is, if you prefer to watch series than shows.

In my case, I do seem to favor series more than movies lately. The thrill of being eager about the upcoming episode is just so fun and heart-stopping!

Other points that you may include in the upcoming blog post:

  • What makes it unlikeable?
  • Who’s the worst character for you?
  • Why did you watch it in the first place?

#2 Favorite comfort food

For every mishap we encounter, we look and find food that gives us relief through the hard times. It is undeniable that it gives the very comfort that we are looking for that even our friends cannot give. Most likely, food is the best thing to soothe our melancholy feelings.

You can discuss about your favorite fast food places or even show us how you cook it. One thing’s for sure, more people would love to get to know the person behind the blog through some personal posts. Even if we have all things that we are busy about, it’s always great to just pause and breathe.

ย In my case, I have a lot for comfort food because I’m a sweet tooth! I love ice cream, refrigerator cake, fruit salad and even leche flan! Most of these are made by my mom which makes it more comfortable since it’s made with love.

Some guide questions to help:

  • From the basic, what’s your favorite comfort food?
  • Where do you buy it?
  • How do you feel when you eat it?

#3 Favorite non-alcoholic drink

I had to define and this to be non-alcoholic because if I placed drink, it would be a broad topic to talk about. Now, when I mentioned non-alcoholic drink, it could be tea, coffee or simply a juice or shake.

There are reasons also why I added this to the list. Aside from having a lot of comfort food, I also have a lot of drinks that I like. From tea to fruit shakes, I have a long list also.

Some questions that you can ask yourself while you write about it:

  • What’s your recipe when you do your favorite drink?
  • Did you ever share it with somebody else?
  • How it came to be?




#4 Booking a ride or doing the long commute

This intrigues me as I prefer to book a ride to my destination instead of suffering the long commute. Long before, I have been doing the long commute to wherever I would go. I went to community service and even got lost when I did the long commute, good thing I had my cousins to call to and guide me.

In case you’re in the Philippines, I’d like to read about the best and worst experiences you had when you booked a ride or did the long commute. But in case you’re in another country, I’d love to be educated with the modes of transportation there is. In Europe, I’ve heard that there are more mass transportation and people commute than owning their own cars. Others are more eco-friendly and they use bicycles to move around the city.

I honestly wish that here too but with the current state and pollution that there is, it will be very vague. More so, it would be quite hard and impossible to shift to cycling than driving.

And please, include every detail there is!

#5 Things you do when you’re on your period

Now, this is an exclusive prompt for the ladies as men do not really have their period.

For the men, they only have IMS which is Irritable Male Syndrome. It’s synonymous to the PMS that we, ladies, feel and go through almost every month.

There are various ways on how we go through and survive the dreaded monthly visitor. Sometimes, we just wish that our dearly beloved Mother Nature would just text us that we’re safe and not pregnant. But, that’s not the case. Most of us endure various feats of cravings and pain which is called dysmenorrhea.

I could not elaborate any longer and I think you know already what I mean about this. Personally, I’m excited to read about other entries and anecdotes from your personal struggles with the monthly visitor.

When I have my visitor, I do have various cravings for sweets, Japanese food and even Korean food! So I really wish my wallet some luck!

I hope these prompts will still allow you to be creative and push blogging.


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New Year Prompts

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