My One and Only

The love month has ended and we are journeying the women’s month. A month dedicated for empowering the women. We are back to thinking which should we choose if we were to choose among unlimited wealth, immeasurable knowledge or everlasting love.

My One and Only

For a person who has been existing in this world for 22 years already, everlasting love is something worth having and fighting for. Knowledge has been there and being passed on from generation to generation and wealth can be acquired if you have the guts to work hard for it. But love can never be bought nor studied. It’s just there.

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Everlasting love is what inspires me to study and pursue a career in my chosen field of study. Without the love of learning, I will be nothing. I will be just a girl who is quite lost and does not know what to do in her life. A wandering soul without someone or even something to love. We feel stupid sometimes and think that someone is worth loving but reality comes in and makes us realize that they are teaching us a piece of knowledge about everlasting love. It entails sacrifice, pain and devastation.

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Being inspired by the people who truly loves you is one of the best feelings in the world and I assure you, you can never be more inspired to the things you have always wanted to do! Everlasting love is the one thing that I would want to have for the rest of my life. Love cannot be measured by the depth of your knowledge or how wealth you can be. Everlasting love is just loving someone unconditionally. You will not care even if the person does not love you at all, really. You are happy even though you look at him/her from afar. You are not sad, you are simply in love and happy with what is there.

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Others would even whine because their loved one is not with them but others, they just patiently wait for the person to arrive or to come. The love we feel that our parents is a kind of everlasting love than surpass any obstacle that life would give us. By the time that we become parents of our own, we will realize that everlasting love is the best thing that we could teach our child. School can teach knowledge and work can provide the wealth but without the capability of feeling or emotions, a child will not be able to grow into an exemplary being.

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“Buti pa ang tae, may langaw.
Buti pa ang ibon, may kalabaw.
Sana ako rin, may ikaw.”

When we fall in love we get to feel:

  • mad
  • anxious / nervous
  • happy / glad / blissful
  • sad / hurt / pain
In short, even if we feel all of those, we still do almost everything to make them feel happy and loved. From the very least of things to the most grandiose of all. We tend to send notes filled with words that would express our emotions towards the receiver and feel giddy whenever they receive it or even start reading it. We send cute text messages in the form of group message but solely sent to the person. Each one of us has a different strategy in showing our feelings to the ones we truly care.
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At the end of the day, we would always think what they are doing, how are they feeling and what has been going on since you last saw each other. Even if you are not romantically dating and you are just in love with the person, you’d still stay in their lives because you love them.

Friend 1: Sana umulan naman.
Friend 2: Oo nga para may ma-fall naman sakin.


Even if we get broken or dumped, there’s always hope whenever someone smiles at us because when someone loves or is in loves, it’s everlasting.

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Just keep on moving forward and keep on loving but most of all, remember to love yourself!

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