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Favorite Fridays 18


Well, we are on the 18th post for this blog series of mine. Just sharing my faves every week so you would be able to get to know me better. As you would all know, this series was born through the efforts of Joy of Paperless Panda who kept on pushing me to write about my faves and do posts similar to reviews about things I have.

Favorite Photography Apps

For this week’s post, it will be favorite photography apps that I use on my phone.

As technology progresses, smartphones are really getting more and more powerful as the day goes by. Cameras have been replaced by smartphone cameras little by little. As I have gone to various events, before I would witness people using film cameras and video cameras to record and immortalize the significant and blissful events in their lives.

I used to use my dslr for every event or occasion that I’ll go to but lately, I’ve been experiencing the stress on my shoulders whenever I have it going out. The pain of a heavy bag, honestly, it’s a heavy camera and together with my other stuff, it makes everything heavier. I do not hate my camera, it’s just that sometimes, it’s too heavy to carry.

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For capturing photos: native camera app

  • I just use it whenever I feel something is worth immortalizing or capturing. I then contemplate on it afterward if it’s worth posting on the social accounts.
For editing photos: VSCO and Afterlight
  • VSCO offers unique feel on the filters and there are a lot when you look at the shop although some are for sale and others are for free. There are other online shops that would sell or claim they are selling VSCO filters but I haven’t been enticed yet to purchase. Yet it is restricted in cropping, rotating and editing itself.
  • Afterlight offers other unique features like editing your photos that could let you do an overlay with a certain letter or even put a frame on the photo. You can even put a filter on a filter and still edit the usual settings (e.g. brightness, contrast, shadows, et al) not only that but also, you could also put lens flare or other effects. You can even edit your photos to make it appear as if it as captured by an instant camera.
For mirror effects or other reflective effects: PhotoMirror
  • Before I used to use Mirrorgram but it was changed to Sparkmode and then I cannot find it anymore. I just looked for an app with high reviews and this was shown to me. At first, I got confused on how it worked but then got the hang of it and it is now my staple app if I want mirror effects on my photos.
Btw, I don’t know if there’s a word such as reflective.
My process with my photos is usually, I capture it first then VSCO (optional: Afterlight & PhotoMirror) and if does look good already, time to post. If not, time for Afterlight.
I used to use other apps for photos like Snapseed and Squaready but then if the capacity of the phone is small, don’t download too many apps that function the same as the others. Save more space!
Btw, the apps are on iOS so I do not know if these are available on other mobile OS.

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