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Favorite Fridays 3

Here we are at the third entry for the so-called Favorite Fridays. I’m so glad that I made it this far. Again, this will never be born if not for the unlikely peculiar ideas of Joy. I will be eternally grateful to her for pushing me this far and also for being such a fangirl.

Lifesaver Watch

The watch wherein Sam and I bought for ourselves not only to be an accessory but also to help for the medication of a cancer patient and various beneficiaries of Lovehopefaith. We were very eager to buy since the colors we wanted were still available then and also we really want to help.

The said watch

It is said that 50% of the net proceeds from the purchase of this “Life Saver Watch” will be donated to the medication of a cancer patient and various beneficiaries of Lovehopefaith.

I have always hated the big c, which is cancer. I have relatives to have survived and also who have succumbed to it and their struggle inspired me to help others in any way possible. Fighting big c is such a struggle since it may take away your life all at once but nevertheless, it’s a great blessing to have survived.

This watch is always with me whenever I leave the house. It reminds me that time is precious and you must never put it to a waste. Others are doing everything to have more time with their loved ones yet some are frolicking elsewhere because YOLO.

It’s true that you only live once but you must never waste your time. Never sleep having pissed off someone, or having fought with someone dear to you. Life is too precious for that.

With Moodi


Love makes all things beautiful.
Hope makes all things work.
Faith makes all things possible.

Simple yet powerful, those are the words I found inside the packaging of the Life Saver Watch and its appeal is truly from the heart.

Btw, just some quick facts about the watch:
  • We bought at Glorietta 4 when there was a bazaar last August.
  • We paid Php 400 for two watches.
  • There are different sizes which distinguish which one’s for the males and females.
  • It’s quartz.
  • It fits us perfectly!
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • It had other colors as well but we stuck with black and red since black is the main color and it can be used with any color. Not that difficult to pair with.


So I really hope you will be able to help others too! ❤️

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